Sculpting your Brand with a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

Humans have always had a powerful desire to stay fit.  Even the ancient Greeks and Spartans had their workout routines how else did they get those stunning abs and shapely butts? Today there are so many fitness regiments to choose from many have difficulty separating what is gimmick from what gets real results. The same way a person may struggle with finding ways to stay in shape, a business or organization might struggle with effective ways to invigorate healthy brand engagement.

The key to creating a brand that resonates with your target audiences is developing a solid plan to build engagement. Now that information is so easily disseminated via the web a big part of that plan should be adherence to a sound content marketing strategy. Much like a training circuit, developing a consistent, highly active content marketing strategy will make your brand appear healthier and more attractive to consumers on the Web.

Taking a hint from the fitness world, lets examine how a strict routine of content marketing can help build brand muscle and tone your market messaging. 

Set Goals

A big part of your content workout is setting goals. Examine where you are now with your content marketing and what you can do to improve. Where are you the weakest and where are you strong?  By examining your current content efforts you can find ways to help support weaker areas using your strengths, in the fitness world they call this cross-training. If you write a blog post it to your social media feeds, if you send out a monthly newsletter link to pages on your website.

Choose your Exercises

After you set goals, figure out what content workout best benefits your brand.  What are your tactics? A content marketing strategy is a full-body workout. Blogging once a month only works out one muscle It is not going to get you very far in your overall goals. Now that is not to say you should be using every tactic out there, not all content outlets work for every brand. However, it is important to vary your methods: web copy, social media posts, blogging, newsletters, press releases, etc.

Create a Routine

One of the hardest parts about working out is figuring out how to do it the right way and staying the course. We are not claiming that one workout is better than another, but everyone knows that for a training regime to work it must be done consistently and must be done correctly. This includes properly optimizing content for search engines and adhering to a content delivery schedule. Workout your brand on a consistent basis and when you perform an exercise make sure to do it the right away or risk of getting injured.

For a real world example take a look at HIIT (High-intensity interval training), a popular training method touted by many in the contemporary health and fitness community.  HIIT burns fat and improves athleticism through short intervals of intense anaerobic exercises, taking less recovery time between sets.  Content should be concise and delivered on a regular basis without bogging down your audience with excess. Don’t sit latent for too long, keep the content fresh and relevant, using a variety of methods. 

Lastly, anyone who has tried a HIIT will tell you that it is extremely challenging, even for the fittest of people.  Keep pressing yourself to expand and go further don’t give up.

Like any workout, a good content marketing strategy takes time and hard work.  Stick to your guns and you are certain to see results.  Now as far as getting that beach body ready for the summeryou may want to look elsewhere for that.