As a business owner, your primary goal is to increase sales. Today, it’s impossible to run a company without having a website. You could hop online and choose from a free template to put one together. Many platforms are designed to help those with little to no experience create a beautiful website.

These sites have their place. But, when you are looking to create a dynamic website with improved conversions, you want to engage an agency that uses UX and UI design.

What is UX?

Everyone who uses your product should be able to engage successfully. The best way to apply this is through User Experience Design (UX). A UX designer wears a few different hats: marketer, designer, and project manager. Their goal is to compile a bunch of competitor research to get the most information about your product and the best practices for engagement. They also identify buyer personas. With the buyer persona, they can dive deeper into the development of the user experience laying out and encouraging the buyer to follow the journey they’ve identified.

Once they’ve compiled the research, it’s time to start implementing. They create loose structures and framework to illustrate their ideas. It’s their job to test all functions are meeting the needs of the business. After confirming the usefulness and quality of the product, the concept is sent to UI.

What is UI?

If UX is the market research and testing of the product for ease of use and enjoyability, the User Interface (UI) is the compliment. A UI designer will receive the information from the UX designer and expand on their idea. During UX, every stage of the interaction is mapped out. But, UI comes in and decides what it looks like once someone starts engaging with the product. That could be anything from how a picture expands on a website, the color of the button once you click submit, the scrolling options, or how a menu expands and collapses.

Some people like to think of UI as something similar to graphic design. A UI designer focuses a lot on the visual components of the end product. But, it’s not just a free for all. They are still required to know the industry best practices and have experience with how a user would engage positively with the product. Positive engagement revolves around the size, shape, color, and type. We’ve talked a little about the psychology of website design.

Benefits of Working with an Agency with UX and UI Design

Save Money with UX/UI Design

Design changes are much cheaper to fix than development changes. After all, UX and UI design are all about prototyping. Effectively laying out the structure and testing the product before launch will reduce bug issues and clean up the experience before launch. The mock of your new website will iron out the content and functionality. All features, designs, and information are confirmed before launching. Any changes afterward would be cosmetic.

Get a Better Conversion Rate

We, humans, are impatient. We want what we want. Fast. In the digital age, we want it faster. You could search for a request on Google and find twenty websites that offer the same product. However, you might choose one over the other because of the simplicity and ease of use to get what it is you need. UX and UI eliminate the chance of losing a conversion because something is over-designed or too complicated.

Improve Your SEO with UX and UI Design

If you open your website’s Google Analytics page, you will see a “user experience” metric. It’s essential to take note of it because it means Google takes into account the user experience when crawling your website. Google also considers landing pages for PPC campaigns and other paid marketing. When you apply the best practices for user experience, the person engaging with your website finds the information they need and quickly. It reduces bounce rates and demonstrates the relevance of your site.

Make a Better Connection with Brand Awareness

With UI design, you can extend brand awareness. Use the design to take the different aspects of your brand identity and implement them throughout your website. Immediately, it demonstrates a sense of authority. UI also retains customers. The easier it is to get the results they need, the more likely it is they will come back. Or, better still refer you to a friend.

Hiring a Website Designer in Nashville

UX and UI design ties in with web development. Some agencies list it as one comprehensive service. Much like us here at the Horton Group. We have a dynamic team of front and back end developers who implement the best user experience and interface designs for your website. We’ve been helping clients build better websites for years. Through our knowledge of site building and market research, we can create frames, designs, and implement a robust and dynamic website.