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There is a reason approximately 43% of websites are WordPress. It’s an extremely reliable content management system. Horton Group, an agency out of Nashville, has a team of expert WordPress developers who can deliver customized and remarkable websites.


WordPress vs. Squarespace

Horton Group will analyze your business and your unique needs to determine which platform is best for your company and your clients. WordPress is an open-source web design platform that features a robust plug-in library and limitless custom coding options for professional developers while Squarespace’s in-house team creates the platform’s tools. Generally speaking, the more custom work you need, the more likely you’ll be getting your website built on WordPress.

A Nashville Icon

Nashville Pedal Tavern’s website was built on WordPress by Horton Group web developers.

Financial Services Website

Smartbank’s WordPress website is secure, professional, and mobile friendly.

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is an open-source web design platform that features a robust plugin library and limitless custom coding options for professional developers. The open-source nature of WordPress is a critical component of why WordPress might be right for your business. There is a large community of users who are free to add plugins and enhancements whenever they like. This has created a Content Management System option with almost limitless functionality. Horton Group employs developers with years of experience using WordPress as a platform to deliver exactly what a client is looking to get out of their website.


Our WordPress web developers are expert coders and can customize your site to your company’s very specific needs. We design and develop elegant and sophisticated websites that elevate your brand.

Custom Integrations

The very best WordPress websites integrate with your existing management software to ensure that your content management systems, sales, accounting, inventory and more flow without interruption.

Open Source Community

Trusted by users, developers, and industries since 2003, WordPress is used by millions of sites across the world. Horton Group is part of a strong community of developers and designers who create one-of-a-kind WordPress websites.

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