Digital Marketing

We are Tennessee’s top digital marketing agency that provides strategy consultation, SEO, PPC, inbound marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and web design & development. We partner with you to generate more sales and traffic to your website through content.

Nashville, TN

We’ve been working out of Nashville since the ’90s, so we know what makes Music City tick. Digital marketing is the best way to connect to your fellow Nashvillians and see your business grow.

Franklin, TN

Franklin businesses need a specialized approach to spread their message. Horton Group has been facilitating mutually-beneficial connections between businesses and their customers for years.

Murfreesboro, TN

This hidden gem in middle Tennessee isn’t quite so hidden anymore. More competition means you need to use all the tools at your disposal. Good thing digital marketing has more tools than a Swiss army knife.

Brentwood, TN

The websites we build for Brentwood’s local businesses and the Digital Marketing Services we provide focus on visually-appealing design paired with strategies on user experience and functionality.

Digital Marketing Agency: Services We Offer

Branding & Graphics for Digital Marketing

Horton Group creates branding strategies that help you better connect with your online customers. We do this by first learning your business inside and out. We then work with your online marketing strategy to better understand your customers. From there, we can start telling your story through your brand and amplifying brand awareness online. Our process is designed to operate from a position of authority, so your customers can learn exactly what you do. Horton Group delivers everything from developing your new logo to designing social media advertisements. We’re here to help you strengthen your brand via Online Marketing.

We work with entrepreneurs throughout the developmental stages to create company names and logos that will excite online buyers. This takes an entire team of specialists — web designerswebsite developers, and content writers to put together a message your online customers won’t be able to ignore. Your online brand is the story of your business. Horton Group makes sure your story is compelling.

Web Design & Web Development

Why work with anybody but Nashville’s best web design & web development firm? Horton Group has been partnering with local businesses for 23+ years to create beautiful websites that do a lot more than look great — they serve a purpose. We’ve seen the internet evolve from the very beginning and use digital marketing strategies to put together ecommerce websites that work. Our design team focuses on appealing designs, which is then handed off to our web development team to optimize for search engines that focus on functionality and user experience.

Horton Group gives you the full-service treatment to make sure you get exactly what you want from your website and digital marketing efforts. We’ll set up discovery meetings at the very beginning of the process to discuss your goals and get a deeper understanding of your brand. From there, our web design & web development teams will put together a website based on our initial meetings, moving forward with your approval at each step of the way to improve your digital marketing initiatives.

Search Engine Optimization

All content is not created equal. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-moving target that can provide great rewards for your website and digital marketing strategies. Horton Group’s SEO specialists stay up-to-date with these changes to help our customers get to the top of relevant search queries and increase organic traffic. Are you ready to spread the word about your business online? Horton Group can make that happen.

You don’t just want traffic to your website — you want the right traffic to your website. A properly-executed SEO strategy works through every aspect of your website and online marketing. Your headings, your page content, and even your URLs can help alert a potential customer that you might just be the place to fulfill their needs. Horton Group has helped numerous businesses in Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, and all around middle Tennessee to expand their online reach via digital marketing.

Inbound Marketing

The most effective marketing methods are seamless. And inbound marketing creates an online atmosphere of functionality that draws customers to your website without them even recognizing the strategy behind it. But it’s not a trick — you’re simply offering useful online information that just so happens to bring more traffic to your website. Horton Group will design a custom inbound marketing strategy for your business’s digital marketing that provides value to your customers, setting you up as the authority in your industry.

Targeted online marketing strategies created with your specific needs in mind produce the best results. Horton Group offers a list of adaptable skills that we tailor to fit your online marketing goals. Blogs, ebooks, social media marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click), email campaigns, video, and more can be arranged into a specialized strategy to get the word out there about your company and start driving traffic to your website.

In the Nashville Area? Well hey, neighbor, we offer localized services.

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