Just like building a new home, there are many steps and tools used to build and design a website. Brainstorming, planning, designing, evaluating, creating and testing are all integral aspects of the process before you can cut the theoretical ribbon to your new website. Many questions like, how do I create a website or what is website design, or even what is a website designer may be floating in your head so here is a nice outline of the process web designers typically follow. 

Web Site Brainstorming: Options are virtually endless when it comes to what you want your website to look like and how you want it to function. The most important question to ask when starting this step is, who is going to be looking at your website and what do you want them to do after looking at it. If you operate a small business then the answers to those questions would be, potential and current customers will be looking at your website and you want them to call you to schedule an appointment or purchase your product. Begin thinking about general functionalities like if you would like an e-commerce option like an online store, an email newsletter sign-up, the integration of your social media outlets for example. 
Web Site Planning: Creating a wire-frame for your website is as crucial as an outline is to a 100-page research essay. You must map out the basic flow of your web site keeping in mind the user-friendliness and simplicity of the navigation. This doesn’t need to be exact placement of each module or link but a pretty clear idea of what you want on your homepage and subsequent pages. 
Web Site Design: Whether you are looking for great web site designs for small businesses, web site designs for retail stores, web site designs for restaurants or any other company you have to settle on a feel for your website. Do a little Google-ing to find some ideas on designs you like. Then, like a puzzle, start putting the pieces together until you have your perfect web design. 
Web Site Evaluation: Before you spend all the time creating the website, troubleshoot for some potential problems. Ask yourself a myriad of questions that you think your viewers might wonder about and evaluate what level of user-friendliness your web-site offers. 
Web Site Creation: Whether you are using a content management system like Drupal or WordPress or having a company create your website for you from scratch, do your research and make sure you know exactly what it is you are getting. Make sure you learn at least the basics of how to navigate your new web-site and make minor changes. 
Web Site Testing: Before you launch your newly designed web-site take it for a spin and make sure that everything you were hoping for functions as you imagined. This is an exciting time to appreciate all your hard work and make very minor tweeks and adjustments. 
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