How can Horton Groups search engine marketing services help increase your company’s marketing ROI? Search engine marketing will drive more traffic to your website and should reduce your company’s costs of finding new customers. When it comes to search marketing, what differentiates our inbound marketing strategies versus other firms focused solely on outbound marketing strategies? More importantly, why have so many companies turned to us to help improve their online search marketing approaches? Answering these questions starts with understanding the differences between inbound and outbound marketing, and defining the vital role that search engine marketing plays in online searches.

What is the Difference Between Inbound & Outbound Marketing?

When thinking of inbound versus outbound marketing, think of how the right online marketing strategy is predicated on having customers search for your enterprise, rather than having your company search aimlessly for them. Think of the high costs associated with conventional outbound approaches, approaches that are based on print, magazine, TV, radio, and billboard advertisements. Think of how these outbound strategies are merely predicated on hoping your company’s message reaches its intended audience. Now think of how our firm’s inbound marketing strategies are less expensive, have higher conversion rates and how our search engine marketing strategies can dramatically increase traffic to your website. Finally, think of how search marketing allows your company to analyze your conversion rates, your website traffic and your customer leads at a granular level, allowing you to better track your marketing expenditures. All of these benefits have allowed small enterprises to level the playing field with their larger competitors, competitors who’ve been slow to move to online search marketing plans.

What Role Does Search Engine Marketing Play in Inbound Strategies?

Simply put, search engine marketing relates to those online searches performed by potential customers. These online searches are performed by customers who use keywords, and or “keyword phrases”, to locate information about potential vendors and suppliers. Search engine marketing doesn’t increase the number of individuals performing these searches. Instead, it’s focused on ensuring that your company is more likely to occupy a higher search engine position, or PageRank, by ranking higher in search results than your competition. Driving that increase in PageRank requires a multipronged approach of providing excellent quality content, interactive videos, online advertising and valuable information through your website or blog. Focusing these approaches around your company’s, or market’s, most descriptive keywords will help increase your website’s PageRank.

What Makes up Search Engine Marketing?

Horton’s Nashville SEO experts will help build your website around strong organic search results. However, that isn’t all we do. Success in search marketing requires a multifaceted approach, one where interactive videos, viral videos, social media and solid content, coupled with a strong online advertising campaign. All of this helps to build your company’s brand and drive visitors to your website. One effective online advertising campaign is commonly referred to as a PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising campaign. A successful PPC campaign uses those aforementioned keywords, so vital to improving your website’s ranking.

Will Inbound Marketing Bring More Traffic To My Website?

Yes, the right search marketing strategy will drive more traffic to your site. However, solid content alone won’t do it. Social media alone won’t do it. Viral videos and educational videos alone won’t do it and neither will a fractured PPC campaign. No, to drive more traffic to your site requires the kind of expertise that amalgamates all of these approaches. More traffic means a higher PageRank, and a higher PageRank means more traffic.

Why is Search Marketing so Important in a Recession?

The right online marketing strategy won’t just drive more traffic to your website, but will also lower your company’s costs of customer acquisition. In a recession, this strategy will allow your enterprise to grow its market share. Numerous studies have shown that cutting back on marketing during a recession only leads to lost market share once the economy rebounds. Most small enterprises were unable to increase marketing during recessions because of the costs associated with outbound approaches. However, the right search marketing approach can increase your website’s visibility when your competition is reducing theirs. When the recession is over, you’ll have positioned your company ahead of your competition.

Horton’s Nashville SEO professionals make it their sole responsibility to analyze your website’s landing pages, assessing how your visitors arrive at your website, where they go, what they click on, and ultimately, why they stay. We then replicate that success throughout your entire website, so that every piece of content is maximized and your customers have a reason to act! Our main focus is to increase your PageRank in order to drive more traffic. We do this by incorporating a simple and effective approach to search marketing, one centered around building your company and website’s brand.