Horton Group names Jason Hapney Graphic Design Lead


Graphic designer Jason Hapney plays an integral role in the creation of attractive yet functional web pages and brands for Horton Group clients all across the Middle Tennessee area. Often misinterpreted by the conventional internet user, website design and development are not one in the same. However, they are closely related and at most times codependent. Both require high levels of creativity, along with the ability to take abstract concepts and make them exist as tangible objects out in the real world. Before a site goes live, it has to take shape through specific design elements. Horton Group web developers perfect the site mechanics, Hapney dresses them in a style that keeps customers coming back.

The first thing a potential customer is going to think about when they visit your website is how it looks, said Hapney. The name of the game is conversion. If your pages are poorly designed, it is almost guaranteed that the user wont stick around long enough to learn about your product or services. You might have a better product at a better price than your competitors, but if their website is more attractive, they look more professional, they get the business.
Not only does Hapney have the ability to come up with engaging web designs, he is also well versed in building brand recognition for clients through memorable logos and appropriate design collateral. The simplest logos are often the most memorable, and consequently the most successful, says Hapney.
Humans are visually driven beings and always have been, from cave paintings to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to the latest in high definition technology. Visuals also drive a large amount of commerce. Your organizations website acts as an online storefront. Websites with an effective design will pull clients’ attention to desired sections, leading them to click on more links and become more familiar with your brand. Jason is somewhat of a double threat, says Horton Group developer Rudy Barrett. He is a great designer, but he also has a sixth sense for marketing. He designs with a purpose and a vision.
Hapney honed his design skills while attending Western Kentucky University, where he received his bachelors degree in graphic design. Hapney has been creating strong brands for businesses and organizations all over the Tennessee and Kentucky area for several years. When he isn’t giving projects a creative kick in the butt, he enjoys going to the gym, and obsessing (admittedly) over UK basketball.
The Nashville-based advertising agency Horton Group has helped transform websites and brands for a variety of companies and organizations – designing sites with professional appeal and developing logos that are unforgettable. They offer brand management services of all kinds, not only for the web, but advertising materials, business cards, brochures, and more.