What is Periscope?

what social media assets are most used in relation to what content is accessible through mobile technology. Theres a timeline that starts with text-based content and Twitter, then on to image-based content and Instagram, then to video-based content with Vine and Snapchat and even integrated back into Instagram.

And now, as mobile technology is quickly reaching unprecedented connectivity, users have the ability to live broadcast video footage straight from their mobile devices.

How It Began

The creators of Periscope began development just over a year ago. The goal was to create a way for users to experience real-time events through the eyes of other users. The app uses live video, thanks to recent developments in mobile technology, to achieve this goal.

Unlike similar live-streaming apps, Periscope saves any video you stream to your profile and allows other users access for 24 hours.

The app is already proving successful, as Twitter recently purchased the platform in January of 2015 for a reported $100 million.

How can I use Periscope?

Setting up your own Periscope account is easy (as long as you already have a Twitter account). Your Twitter account connects to Periscope as soon as youve installed the app. You are then given the option to follow the streams of any of your Twitter followers that also use Periscope.

A notification will push to your mobile device whenever anyone you follow begins streaming. While watching a broadcast, users are also able to comment or heart (think a Facebook like or Twitter favorite) on the stream.

How are brands using it?

Like all new social media platforms, brands are rushing to engage their audience in new and exciting ways with Periscopes groundbreaking technology. Spotify, for example, recently live-streamed a behind-the-scenes video with an Irish folk singer named Conor OBrien. During the stream, 382 viewers tuned in live while the video was replayed 99 times the next day.

Another example is Red Bull, a brand known for experimenting with new social media platforms as they rise. They’ve begun testing Periscope at Miami Music Week, a popular Florida music festival. Red Bull plans to live-stream events happening at their signature guest house, in coordination with content posted to Twitter and Snapchat.

This isthe most exciting thing about a new social media platform launching: watching how brands and users creatively engage their audience with content and interaction. Red Bull and Spotify are two very different brands, but they have both found creative ways to produce content via Periscope that is valuable to their audience.

Thats the most important thing to remember when creating social media content. No matter what your brand is, or what the platform is, you should always ask yourself how is this going to create value for my audience?

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