5 Professional Logo Design Tips

When business owners first venture into designing a logo for their business, they are not only choosing a logo, but rather their brand. The brand is ultimately what consumers will engage with. A logo gives businesses a unique identifier. It gives consumers a symbol to reference every time they think of the business. A brand however, is a businesss purpose, its heart, and its truth. Brands capture everything a business represents and everything it wants to be. It can change as the business grows and take on different forms.

After hearing this you may be asking, how do I create a great brand from my logo design? The answer, design a logo that makes you want to interact with it as a consumer. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think about if your target audience would want to interact with the logo. Make it come to life and add some meat to your brand. To help you out, here are five factors business owners should consider when designing their logo.

1. Paint The Picture

A good logo should represent how you want consumers to think of your brand. Some logos hint at what the company may do or sell but its not necessary to include. The important thing is painting a picture of your brand in the consumers mind with your logo. It should represent how you want to be portrayed to the world. Its essentially a businesss reputation.

2. Deliver The Message

After figuring out what picture to paint in the minds of the consumer, develop the right message you want that picture to say. Business owners should ask themselves, what does my business stand for? Like a mission statement, a logo should communicate what the business is all about.

3. Make it Memorable

Every great brand has a recognizable logo. It is important when designing your logo to consider the difficulty in which it can be recalled. As with most things in life, the easier to remember, the better. Make sure the logo you are designing stands out in the eyes of consumers. This will help build a memorable brand.

4. Ensure its Versatile

Another factor very important in designing a business logo is making sure it can be used across every platform. It should be functional across all media platforms and all packaging materials as well.

5. Focus on Functionality

Many business owners get caught up in the look of the logo which is important, but it is not the only factor involved in creating a great logo. You want a good looking logo that can capture attention but also a logo that will work hard in building your brand by displaying the appropriate message.

Who says looks don’t matter? Building a logo can be a difficult task, especially if you are looking to build a successful one. Finding the right balance between looking good and providing the right message for your brand is essential.

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