Making a few simple web design or web content alterations to your website can increase sales, even if you don’t have the resources to regularly split test different marketing strategies. Many businesses still fail to realize the impact that the web design, web content, and structure of a website can have on sales. While there are no strict rules, there are some best practices that are most likely to increase sales.

Simplify The Checkout Process
If visitors have to fill out a long registration form before a purchase, you could be losing many potential customers. To increase sales, make any form short and simple, or offer the option to checkout as a guest. Some people don’t want to register; they just want to buy one product without any further commitment.

How Changing the Add to Cart Button Can Increase Sales
There has been much research into different styles of add to cart buttons, and the results can vary from one business to the next. However, there are some common factors among the most successful retailers. The buttons are always below the product description, or on the right hand side of the product. The buttons are relatively large, but not too large. They contrast well with the background, without too much surrounding “clutter.” And yellow and orange buttons seem to attract visitors’ eyes the most (see Whether the button reads “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” should depend on split test results.

Increase Sales With Stronger Images
Pictures of a product can affect purchasing decisions more than many website publishers realize. But it has to be the correct type of image. If you’re going to show a product image, the photograph must reveal its key benefits. Is it compact? Does it come in a range of colors? A professionally photographed image that is enlargeable can demonstrate a product’s key features better than a small, poor quality image. And consider using images of actual customers using the product to improve its credibility in the eyes of the viewer.

Adding Trust Seals to Increase Sales
Consumers are generally more likely to purchase from a website that features a trust seal of approval. By displaying a certified trust seal on your website, visitors will feel less anxious when proceeding to checkout. There are numerous ways to obtain security certificates online, and trust seals from providers such as (The International Bureau of Certified Internet Merchants).

Change the Formatting and Appearance of Text
Many visitors to your website will merely “scan” your content, looking for words and phrases that may interest them before they read your content more thoroughly. Try using more white space between paragraphs, and experiment with occasional bold text to draw attention to your key marketing messages. You can also emphasize important statements with subheadings, or try centering short paragraphs of important copy. Simple visual changes that increase sales are invaluable.

Revealing Shipping Costs Early Can Increase Sales
If a potential customer has nearly completed the checkout process and then suddenly sees unexpected shipping and handling costs, it can deter them from clicking “Order Now.” Show the shipping costs on the product detail page to avoid customer frustration. Being more transparent with your costs should also improve your credibility, and curb shopping cart abandonment. Offering free shipping on orders over a specific price has also been shown to increase sales.

Improve Clarity and Introduce Urgency to Increase Sales
There are always some visitors to your website that won’t even bother to scroll down your page to read additional content. Make sure your most persuasive copy is above the fold (before a user scrolls down). For example, feature an image and product description of your best-selling product. Or place your time-limited offer where everyone will see it, as soon as they land on your page. Remember to explain how people will benefit from your products or services before your call to action.

It’s always important to experiment with different strategies before you make any changes to your website. After all, what works for one business may not work for another. But the more you test, the more you’ll learn. Alterations to a website can increase sales temporarily, but regular testing is necessary for the best results. Ultimately, the number of sales is the most important factor, but don’t forget to track how effective your website is throughout the entire shopping process.