Successful web design project management skills extend beyond mere task-oriented characteristics such as being organized and efficient. It is the people-skills involved in project management that can truly make or break the web development team’s overall success. Outstanding project managers tend to share the same group of social leadership qualities necessary to lead a team with respect, confidence and enthusiasm.

Communication Skills
A successful web agency project manager must be able to communicate a shared vision with his team members while also conveying the detailed logistics of the web development project in as clear and direct a way as possible. It is important for the project manager to know his web development team on an individual level so he can adapt his communication style to fit each individual’s personality.

As a leader, the project manager must continually encourage the web development team despite any setbacks or frustrations. It is important for the project manager to display an attitude of optimism and promote an atmosphere of positivity. According to Project Smart, “enthusiasm is contagious,” so a project manager that approaches tasks with optimism and excitement will spread that outlook to other team members.

It is important for a project manager to maintain a strong level of integrity in all her actions, inside or outside of the office. As a leader, the project manager sets the standard of what’s appropriate and ethical in the work setting. If the project manager fails to act with integrity, it gives other team members an excuse to do so as well.

A successful web design project manager needs to trust his team members’ abilities and delegate tasks without micro-managing. Team members are more likely to do a job well if they are free to approach it creatively, in their own way. According to Dan Pink’s RSA lecture on motivation, granting people greater autonomy at work leads to better performance and personal satisfaction. Thus, a project manager that leads a successful web development team must first grant them his trust.