Building a website, online application, social networking service or e-commerce store is just like constructing anything else.  If you want your website to stand the test of time, it needs to be built by skilled craftsmen with access to the best tools in the trade.  Horton Group web development offers customers top-value by employing the most cutting-edge web development technologies formulated to meet the needs of a progressive online audience.

Our team of skilled developers can build a rock solid website on any platform.  However, offering customers access to the most intuitive and forward-thinking web development tools on the market is our number one goal and that is why we build with Drupal content management system (CMS).

A content management system (CMS) is imperative for an organization seeking to maintain a strong online presence. The ability to improve content management and publish online are standard requests of our web development clients.  At Horton Group we provide you with access to one of the best rated tools for managing your success online.


  • Professional websites, including custom tailored, secure installation of content management systems – Drupal, WordPress or Joomla. Our masters of web development have the freedom to manipulate the Drupal CMS as they need to in order to deliver customizable and effective solutions.
  • Limitless options provide a professional level of website functionality that is unmatched on other CMS.  Seamless third-party integration for a variety of applications.
  • Opportunity to engage visitors and reach maximum target audiences with customizable features including: high definition slideshows/photo galleries, customized webforms, integration of social media, newsletter signups, blog pages and more.
  • E-Commerce options fully integrated into the overall design and functionality of your custom website. Attract more business and build higher revenues with a practical yet cutting-edge online storefront.
  • The user-friendly Drupal interface helps expedite the web development process through easy content management and migration.