Not unlike a first date, exhibiting the best strengths and qualities of your business in the initial encounter with possible clientele is essential. However, its easy to forget that by the time a client actually speaks to you they have already judged your business and developed an opinion on several elements. You can’t present your business in an unorganized, un-kept, tardy or unfocused way because chances of a second encounter significantly diminish. Be proud of your business and dress it up to the nines with a fresh hair cut and a clean shirt. Here are a few tips for landing a great first impression.

Professional Contact Info

Keeping your old family email address (aka is unacceptable. Your email address is not just a way to get in touch with you but also an important area for branding and marketing your business name. Creating a free basic Gmail account with your company name is a good first step but jumping to the next step of creating an account with Gmail small business accounts is better. Clients will feel more confident in your level of professionalism and establishment.

Dont Underestimate the Importance of Website Vanity

If its been more than 2 months since youve updated your website, you need to put more energy into it. Nobody wants to look at those old choppy web pages where all the text is Times New Roman and the homepage looks abandoned (or cluttered). Maintaining a pretty web site is not just about vanity but about attracting clients and providing them with a calm exploring experience. You want your viewer to be intrigued and impressed by your page paying special attention to visual media including captivating photos or helpful videos. Don’t have time to update your website? Consider hiring an advertising agency.

Your Website Is Not a Scavenger Hunt

Within 5 seconds of arriving at your web page one should already see how to navigate the site and within 10 seconds they should be able to find the essential information about your business. Hiding key information beneath layers of stuff can be frustrating and contributes to losing a sense of focus and organization.

Consistency Consistency Consistency

You have several easy ways to enhance your name simply by maintaining the brand in your email address, web page, facebook page, business cards, etc. Having your business logo on every bit of information helps to foster strength in potential client confidence and develop a solid business identity. Take the time to create a solid online business plan. The more unified and organized you keep your business image the more confident people will be in giving you their business.