Looking for your next step? There is no doubt that Facebook Pages offers a myriad of options for the business person looking to gain ground in the advertising world. The question is how can you make Pages work for your business? Here are 10 reasons why you should use Pages…


Ask people to become fans of your page. There is no doubt they will at the very least catch a glimpse of your brand or logo and tuck it into the back of their minds for future reference. You can also purchase very reasonably priced advertising space through Facebook which greatly increases the number of people who will notice your page.

Encourage loyalty

Loyal Customers are the best customers and by allowing Facebook users to become fans of your business page they instantly create a bond that will keep them coming back.


The way you get loyal customers is by truly connecting with them on a personal level and making them feel understood and important to your business. You can post updates that reach out to them in a natural and friendly way.

Be actively involved

Demonstrating that you are active in the community invests confidence in customers because showing that you care about them will help them care about your business.

Spread the word

You get 10 people to become fans of your Facebook business page, and that is equivalent to thousands of people seeing your brand instantly. When loyal customers declare their appreciation for your business, their friends will notice.


This is a wonderful opportunity to spread your brand. Your logo will be clearly highlighted and has the chance to become recognizable. Suddenly, your branding is something people have seen before.


You can advertise special events going on in your business in addition to offering special discounts or advantages to fans of your page.


Learn more about your fans/customers by exploring their Facebook pages. Get a better idea of the demographic you are currently reaching and brainstorm how to reach a larger audience.

Easy to Use

Facebook Pages is so easy to learn. As soon as you register a page, Facebook walks you through everything step by step. They also have helpful guides with tips on maximizing your online presence.

Its free!

This is the best part of the whole thing: Using Facebook Pages is absolutely free! So there is no good excuse to not take advantage of all these wonderful benefits.