As a business owner, marketing manager, CMO, or really any person invested in the success of a company, it’s not uncommon to want more eyes on your brand’s product or service. Living in the information age, it’s easy for your message to get drowned out in the infinite ocean of promotions, blog posts, tweets, and emails that go out every minute. Low quality content to people that matter will result in a high bounce rate and low engagement. High quality content to people that don’t matter will result in contacts your organization doesn’t want. To truly stand out in this brave new world, you’ve got to distribute high-quality content to people that matter.

Video Production Services

The highest quality content on the market today is video without question. For example, it’s been proven that video posts on Facebook have a 135% greater organic reach than photo posts on the same social network. Why would that be the case? That’s a result of Facebook’s algorithms that promote engaging content. If you think about it from Facebook’s perspective, it makes perfect sense. Zuckerberg wants everyone using his product to be clicking, watching, commenting, sharing, and discovering media, news, and content they wouldn’t get elsewhere. That what, presumably, brings people back. (Maybe it’s just the cat memes…) So, Facebook pushes high quality content that people like. Video reaching more News Feeds than photos is a sign that it is a higher quality type of content format.

Video isn’t just helpful on social media channels. Google loves video too. What do I mean by that? I mean that companies who utilize video on their website enjoy 41% more traffic than companies who do not. Similarly to Facebook, Google wants searchers who choose to use their engine to find what they are looking for in the first couple a links displayed. A good indicator that users might be finding what they are looking for is time on site. If person A lands on page A and doesn’t see any content they want to read or watch, they leave within a matter of seconds. If person B lands on page B and sees a video they want to watch, they’ll stay on that page for 2 to 3 minutes. Engagement on web pages can be measured a bunch of different ways, but it will always be higher with high quality content. That’s why organizations who use video end up with more traffic. Search engines love videos.

This is all to say one thing: it’s an intelligent marketing investment to undergo a well thought out and strategic video production project. It’s not enough to pay some firm across an ocean $200 to get a poorly animated video with low quality audio on your website. Remember, the key is engagement. That won’t be engaging. Partner with a firm that’s visible and collaborative. Take the time before recording or editing begins to plan out who you want to see the video and why. These questions might help:

  • What do we want to promote with this video?
  • Is there a specific type of customer that we want to see this video?
  • Where should we shoot?
  • Who on our team might perform well on camera?
  • What tone are we looking to achieve? Serious? Comical? Dramatic?

Advertising With Video

We’ve addressed the first part of the intro sentence: high quality content to people that matter. That’s the key. The quality of your content is a product of the time, strategy, energy, and monetary investment put into the video. How do you get it in front of people that matter? There are a variety of ways that can be achieved. The best way to target people online is through digital advertising techniques on social platforms and AdWords.

Now don’t get me wrong. You want to have success in drawing organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is traffic that is coming from search engines with no advertising dollars behind it. This is the most cost effective, and usually, highest return on investment option available for generating website visits. The paragraph’s conclusion above is also not to say you cannot utilize tactics and strategies to target organic traffic for the purpose of distributing video. You absolutely can. It’s just inherently less precise. We’ve talked at length on this blog about SEO myths, misconceptions that surround search engine optimization, and how video content can boost SEO. Updating your website to follow a keyword strategy and improving headers, page titles, meta descriptions, and more will only get you so far though.

With the aformentioned techniques of running advertising campaigns on social networks and AdWords, your video can be placed in front of the eyes of people based on geographical targeting, demographic targeting, and in some cases depending on their interests. If you enter your video production project with your target in mind, marketing that video once it’s finalized will be as simple as designing an ad, a landing page as a place for the video to live, and setting up your ad campaigns.

Start A Video Project

If you’re interested in getting high quality video content in front of your target market, contact Horton Group today. You’ll speak with an Account Manager within minutes and we’ll help define your goals and reach them.