Nashville website designers and web developers Horton Group have put their web development muscle into their own website. To address ongoing SEO needs for the Nashville web design market, Horton Group engaged the services of … Horton Group! “For web design and web development the Horton Group was the logical choice for us. They showed us how we can achieve our look and feel wishes and still address our search engine optimization goals,” said Horton Group founder Ned Horton.

“We specialize in Search Engine Optimization, and what better way to demonstrate some SEO principles than to put our own website where we want it to be,” said Horton Group SEO fanatic, Rudy Barrett, “We want to deliver top quality content to people in Nashville searching for a top-notch web design firm. We love delivering great design and great search engine results. We want to deliver results for our clients, both graphically and with Google, Yahoo! and other search engines.”

The web developers at the Nashville-based interactive agency say that Drupal is a tremendous open source platform, and delivers SEO results. The new website features many of the Web 2.0 features and functions found on the internet’s most popular and successful web sites. Start your search engines and keep your eyes open for quality web design in Nashville… Horton Group is on the rise.