In times of prosperity and times of economic challenge, your website should be your best salesperson.

I. Reach Out

Cold calling is a tried and true sales activity. A savvy modern salesperson understands the need to reach out and connect with possible clients. Your website and business model should be taking advantage of the latest in social media integration. Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms are great ways to reach out to potential clients and truly find out what your target audience is looking for. Turn these cold calls into warm leads with your online efforts to reach out to new customers.

II. Knowledge

Your website must be chockfull of information pertaining to your business, your services and your products. As your initial salesman, your prospective clients should be able to view your website and clearly understand the products and services you offer. If your website is cryptic, or doesn’t explain your products/services, you run the risk of alienating your viewers. Your website must be a valuable wealth of knowledge for your prospects, as well as existing clients.

III. Accessibility

In today’s market, the number one rule of sales is accessibility. Your sales team should listen first, and talk second. If your sales team comes off too strongly, this can hurt your profit margins and your business. Develop your website with the same principles and understand the need for intuitive and accessible navigation. If your prospects visit your website and are confused and overwhelmed, they are likely to leave, and leave quickly.

IV. Follow Through

Your website, like any good salesperson, needs to follow up on prospects and turn them into clients. Webforms are a great way to sign prospective clients up for informational and engaging newsletters. Email marketing campaigns are a highly effective way to capture prospects and follow up with information they care about.

Whether your business is experiencing growth or setbacks, make sure your website is working for you.