Horton Group’s web developers can develop powerful shopping carts with Ubercart, Drupal’s primary eCommerce solution. Ubercart won 2 Open Source CMS Awards in 2008, but Ubercart’s worth goes far beyond that.

Ubercart – Drupal’s Open Source Shopping Cart


Business owners know that developing eCommerce solutions doesn’t stop at offering tangible products. Ubercart is so valuable because it excels at processing non-physical items such as paid membership registration and event tickets, as well as material merchandise. The flexibility of Ubercart is another dominant asset.

Ubercart is intelligent, and able to be fully themed alongside your website. This will blend your shopping cart with the theme of your website, facilitating your logo, and your overall brand.

Ubercart subscribes to the same principles as Drupal, and is immensely simple to maintain. Business owners can comfortably add and edit products to their website as they are created and offered, negating the need for ongoing tech support. Ubercart works in harmony with Drupal, so every website shopping cart works with the content management system, or community, it supports. This is also helpful for search engine optimization efforts, because the products offered will expand search engine visibility.

We know Ubercart is flexible and easy to use, but what takes it above and beyond popular shopping carts is its security. Ubercart is an open source method of eCommerce, which means that developers and programmers are able to use and learn about it for free. This means the most knowledgeable web developers are working around the clock making sure Ubercart is up to date with the most immediate security measures. What’s more, Ubercart guarantees secure business transactions, single page checkout and activity logging. Now business owners, web developers and consumers can keep track of orders that are processed effortlessly and securely.

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