You may have heard the saying that “content is king” in the battle of search engine placement. Yet, some web developers and business owners undergo a plan for building a website without a plan for updating it with new content. This is not an effective process for getting godd search engine placement and traffic to your website.

For you, By You The Importance of Writing Original Content

I. Original Web Content Every Time

Whether you own a dry cleaning business or an insurance agency, having original content on your website is the most effective way to drive search engines and readers to your website. Blog, post company news, at the very least update your business promotions. There are premiere content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, that make it easy for business owners to update web content easily and consistently.

II. Referencing Your Press

If your business, or work of any kind has been recognized and published, be it print or on the web – be sure to reference it without infringing on copyright laws. If you wish to showcase the press you’ve received (which you should) the best way to reference your praise is to write a short summary about the publication, and the work that is being referred to, then add a link to the company’s website or article. Check with the specific publication to learn more about their specific copywriting policies.

III. Too Busy? Ask for Help!

If you find yourself scrambling to find content, and thusly adding shoddy content – stop! Adding duplicate, unnecessary and inaccurate information is a death sentence for your website, and often the consequences cannot be reversed. You can’t trick Google into ranking your website – the best way to get Google (and other popular search engines) to notice your website is to write strong content on a regular basis. Horton Group offers copywriting, editing AND coaching services. To learn more, call Horton Group at 615-292-8642.