The elephant is becoming more popular as a mascot for companies across the globe. His size and his strength are only two of the qualities that endear this mammal to those humans who tend to choose him over other animals. What is it about the elephant that draws people to him?

In the western world, the elephant is an uncommon animal, a mysterious mammal that draws peoples attention to it. Humans in the western world clamor for a ride upon an elephants back for no other reason than to be able to say, I rode an elephant. Who cares? Well, apparently humans living in the Western Hemisphere care enough to continue to clamor for that ride upon an elephants back and comment, You did? when they hear that someone has, indeed, ridden an elephant.

Impressive due to their huge size and reputedly loyal to members of their family unit, extended as it may be, elephants have become a popular mascot for websites and companies across the globe. Elephant icons are appearing in record numbers in a variety of colorful depictions. Native to both Asia and Africa, the elephant still remains an enigma to many westerners despite its popularity as a website icon or mascot.

Portrayed as strong and unrelenting, elephants present an image that suggests anything is possible including filling out complicated forms, getting insurance, or saving your home from foreclosure. Dress your elephant up in a suit and tie or place him in jeans and a goatee. Either way, you are going to create an elephant that people can identify with on some level, allowing them to form an instantaneous bond with a website or the company behind that particular elephant icon.

In the past, the elephant and his image has been maligned for far too long. Quite often, the phrase white elephant has been used to refer to something that no one wants, but everyone likes to make fun of at some time or other.

On the list of endangered species, one never wants to forget the elephant who never forgets allowing your website to remain hopeful that it too will be memorable and never fall on hard times when it becomes forgotten. The elephants coloring is close enough to the sophistication of black while creating a brighter appearance on your website. His stately appearance exudes strength and a determination that most people aspire to find in their own lives.

Its time that this regal creature, the regal elephant, gets a fair shake, receiving appreciation for its regal size, exceptional memory, and stalwart attempt at agility. No more peanut-eating antics at the circus for the elephant. No more elephant jokes and disrespectful remarks about the elephant that remembers everything, but takes far too long to do any of it. Instead, the new image of the elephant is one that portrays a force to be reckoned with, a stalwart friend, and a website icon that depicts steadfastness and stability, two qualities most companies can only aspire to reach.