Did you know that an elephant is one of the only animals that can look in a mirror and recognize its reflection? When placed in front of a large mirror, an elephant will perform actions that demonstrate self-recognition. In one study, an elephant named Happy even lifted her trunk to touch a large white X that was marked on her forehead. The fact that Happy touched the X on her own forehead, rather than the one in the mirror, indicates the elephant recognized her own reflection and was able to differentiate between what was real and what was simply a mirrored image.

Much as Happy recognized what was simply a reflection, a quality website design company should be capable of hitting its target. They will be able to distinguish between interesting, unique concepts and every day, overdone mirror images of other designs. Don’t be a copycat. Choose instead to be an elephant in a jungle of website imitators.

Always on Their Toes

Despite their enormous size, elephants can walk silently through the jungle. This is because they walk on their toes. The soles of their feet are designed so that the muscle acts as a shock absorber, allowing them to steadily sway through the jungle with very little sound. Their toes are actually imbedded within the foot instead of extending outside the base of the foot.

Like an elephant, a website design company should always be on its toes. It should be ready to provide the best quality service and unique concepts while staying on top of the competition.

Elephants Never Forget

Elephants have an excellent memory. An elephants brain has the capacity to retain a huge amount of information. It will remember where a good source of water was even years after having visited it and has an amazing sense of direction. Likewise, the elephant will also recall areas where danger was present or food was scarce.

A website design should also have a good sense of direction and a capacity to readily remember what works and what doesn’t. The World Wide Web and the crowded jungle of Internet websites is constantly changing and evolving. It takes an expert in the field to lead traffic to a good source of water.

Is There an Elephant in the Room?

Okay, don’t avoid the obvious. An elephant is certainly hard to ignore. As the largest of all land animals, an elephant can weigh as much as 250 pounds at birth. This is more than a ton! By the time an elephant has matured to full-size, it may weigh as much as 12,000 to 15,000 pounds. It would certainly be difficult to avoid an animal of that size if it plopped itself down in front of you!

Just as an elephants enormous size can simply not be ignored, one cannot fail to recognize the enormity of a quality website design. It should display attention grabbing features and innovative concepts designed by experts in the field of web design. Like an elephant, it demands to be seen.