Ken Fox Joins Horton Group as Search Engine Strategist

Nashville interactive marketing agency, Horton Group, has recently brought on experienced  search engine specialist, Ken Fox. Fox, a 30 year Nashville resident, joins the team with over 10 years of experience.

Behind his humorous exterior, Fox has more than just funny voices and witty humor. Fox is as intelligent as they come. A normal day on the job includes reviewing a website for search engine rank, understanding what areas need optimizing, studying dominant sites for any details that stand out from the rest and drinking roughly five bottles of water a day. Who wouldnt be dehydrated after all that?

When asked what quote best describes his job, Fox replied, Youve created a website for your businessis your website creating any business for you? In essence, that is the role of SEO, figuring out how a website can create the most return on investment. 

The truth is, if a business website does not generate income, then it is evident something isn’t being done right, said Fox. The trick is being able to recognize which things need to be changed and change them.

SEO is only one of the many specialities offered at Horton Group. From web design to social media, Horton Group can take an idea and go through the entire process to generate a successful branding tool for your company.