Found: Google Business Photographer - Look Inside via Street View

Google right now handles about 67% of all online searches in the world. Every day, the search engine registers about five million searches. So it is evident that you HAVE to optimize your business on Google to garner visibility amongst your target audience. But this is easier said than done. Your competitors, too, are thinking along the same lines and you will need to pull out and play all the marketing cards that you have up your sleeves to clinch podium position on the Google search engine results pages.

Thankfully, Google comes to your rescue with its arsenal of powerful marketing tools. Google Business Photos is one such tool that marketers can wield to competition-crushing advantage. It is slowly but steadily making its presence felt in the digital marketing spheres, and if you make your move now, you can win an edge over your competitors.  

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What is Google Business Photos?

For the uninitiated, Google Business Photos is an extension of the Street View feature of Google Maps. While the Street View offers 360-degree views of the streets in business and residential areas of a neighborhood, Google Business Photos takes things a little further and offers walking tours (of the virtual kind) of the spaces inside a business. Business owners, do not worry!

The Google Business Photos are clicked by one or more Google Trusted Photographers and you can choose what areas inside your business premises you want to be put up on the Internet. The Google Trusted Photographers is a group of qualified, competent and experienced professionals who are handpicked by Google to deliver excellence and results while adhering to the specific photographic standards of this marketing medium. 

How can Google Business Photos Help Enhance Your Marketing Efforts?

Google Business Photos can up your search engine ranking considerably. The biggest benefit stems from the fact that human beings are not only readily drawn towards images but can also process them a whopping 60,000 times faster than a chunk of text. So you can be sure that when the images of your brick-and-mortar store appear on the search engine result page, they will catch the eye of more people than you could have hoped with just a text ad.

The concept of a walkthrough tour of a business locale is still a novel one and holds immense appeal to the beholder. Imagine being able to walk through a store without being physically present! In fact, a walkthrough tour is a sterling marketing tool to introduce a new retail outlet or present a newly laid out décor of a restaurant to patrons. These images actually serve as sneak peeks into an establishment and entice the viewer to drop by. Digital marketers can also incorporate nifty features into their Google Business Photos to engage viewers. For instance, restaurant owners can allow viewers to take the walkthrough tour of their dining area and even book a table for themselves.

The Google Business Photos feature arms you with another marketing weapon to fight competition and make your way up the Google search results pages.

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