Horton Group has announced the addition of social media marketer Kristyn Wilcoxon to their web team. Social media has become one of the most widely used mediums for consumers to connect with companies and brands. As more and more companies come to realize social media is no longer a trend in consumer engagement, but an established best practice, they are demanding well-trained professionals to manage the many outlets social media has to offer. This is where Wilcoxons expertise comes into play for the Horton Group, helping manage clients’ social media presence so they can better connect with their customers.

Wilcoxon eats, breathes, and sleeps social media, her co-horts say. “Not to say she is constantly plugged in, but she definitely has her finger consistently on the pulse of the rapidly advancing social media community and the technology that drives it,” Horton staffer Isabel Ross said.
I get really inspired when Im faced with the task of positioning a brand within the social media community (which is quickly becoming the entire community), says Wilcoxon. Often businesses don’t realize how much is out there waiting to be utilized. It takes an excellent strategy, along with impeccable design elements, selective custom applications, and consistency. When a professional is behind the job, but also truly connected with the brand, social media can make a huge difference in a brands bottom line and overall reputation and likability.
It is the age of information, and people are more connected through time and space than they have ever been. In this quickly changing environment, businesses and groups of all shapes and sizes need more than just a brand, they need a personality. Companies and organizations require a social presence which is cultivated, monitored and measurable. Businesses need to establish multiple open channels of communication with their customers, stated account manager Chuck Harter. Kristyn has an outgoing personality that creates a positive customer service experience. Her extensive social media expertise is key to helping clients expand their customer base, while improving and maintaining relationships with current followers.
Wilcoxon, who hails from Texas, first began helping businesses connect with their customers at the Los Angeles-based public relations firm, Cohn & Wolfe, in 2003. After getting her fill of the flashy LA lifestyle, Wilcoxon decided returned to something closer to home in Nashville, TN. When she isn’t helping Hortons clients bolster their social media cred, she spends her time with her significant other and their 8 rescued pets, and is well respected in the indie rock music community.
Horton Group has been working with clients of all shapes and sizes since 1996. They are dedicated to providing businesses and organizations in and outside of the Nashville area with fun and engaging ways to interact with their customers. They offer various social media services, from Facebook and Twitter customization to complete management of social media strategy.
For more information on Horton Group’s social media services and other services contact them either by phone at 615-292-8642 or by email at info@hortongroup.com.