Studies have determined cell phones are selling four times faster than laptop computers. That means it’s time to take your website mobile with a dot mobi site. Don’t make the decision to wait and see if this new technology becomes popular. Its popularity is expanding daily as more and more businesses are going mobile to take advantage of the increased viewer ship of cell phone consumers.

Reasons Businesses Need a dot mobi Domain
Internet Access by Cell Phones Increasing Daily
Recent research show the number of cell phones accessing the internet everyday is growing rapidly. Almost all the cell phones being sold have the ability to go online, yet barely one percent of the multiple millions of websites are mobile friendly. Even fewer have the important dot mobi domains.
Don’t Give Competitors an Advantage
Ignoring the increase in cell phone access of the internet will give your competitors, with dot mobi domains, a marked advantage. Today’s mobile society demands fast answers and information. The website that provides instant accessibility to the consumer will be quickly bookmarked, frequently visited and your consumer base will experience exponential growth.
Get a Head Start in the Google dot mobi Listings
Websites with dot mobi domains have their own Google directory and it’s lonely in there! Your mobile friendly website will have a head start in the listings. Current statistics show as many as twenty percent of cell phone users access mobile websites daily. That equates to more business right away!
Give Consumers the Speed and Access They Want
A dot mobi domain tells the consumer that your site is designed to work for people who depend on their cell phones for fast and accurate information. Your site says, “We care about our customers!” Consumers want convenience and speed. With a dot mobi site your business location and other important information is readily available to consumers. No-one will wait five minutes or more for a website to load on a cell phone.
Secure and Protect Your Domain Name
Any one can purchase a dot mobi domain and there are many investors who buy up names when they first become available. Purchase your dot mobi domain name even if you aren’t prepared to launch your mobile site immediately. If you don’t, you may have to purchase it later at a premium price from a domain investor.
Cell phone users depend more and more on fast loading dot mobi sites designed specifically for cell phone use. Don’t delay another day. Register your dot mobi domain and make your website mobile friendly. Staying on top of technology keeps your business on top in its field.
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– Judith Hayes