Are you trying to use your business website to communicate with customers? If you want to market products and services to digital media consumers, you need to develop an awareness of the changing landscape of digital media communications. More importantly, you need to follow new developments in mobile digital media communications. This is not easy because developments in digital media and mobile digital media communications emerge every day. In part, these developments are spurred on by efforts of business owners like you. Entrepreneurs try to use the latest technologies to reach out to consumers.

To succeed in marketing your products and services through your company website, especially to mobile digital media consumers, consider the following insights:
#1 – Businesses are publishers of information. They publish more information than ever before. When businesses turn to mobile digital publishing to reach customers, they must customize their web content. In May 2010, Consumer Reports introduced a new subscription service for its mobile website. Existing subscribers can browse consumer reports on their mobile devices at no charge, and new subscribers may sign up for only 99 cents for 24 hours of access or a monthly fee of $4.99. Other publications, including digital media and print publications, must decide whether to offer their media content for free, for a subscription, or for a fee per piece of content. Apple’s iTunes makes money, for example, by selling low-cost downloads of music to Internet and mobile users. You can decide if you want to add a subscription service to your business website.
#2 – Businesses are hubs of information. To keep up with the competition, ensure your website appeals to mobile consumers. Transform your website into a hub of information. Don’t just publish feeds from information services; look for new web features that will encourage readers to return to your website. To educate yourself, read the latest news from a service like Digital Media Wire. To educate mobile users, you can publish user-generated content, create a new forum, publish informational videos, and comment on news stories of interest to your readers.
#3 – Business websites should be optimized for mobile users. If your goal is to connect with mobile users, you can invest in updating your website. First, decide if you should optimize your web server. Next, decide whether to build a new website for mobile users or to change your main website. A good mobile website includes web pages with smaller graphics, no frames, and no side navigation bars. On the small screen of a mobile device, users should not have to scroll horizontally or navigate between frames. Web pages must load without the assistance of Flash, Java, and other Active X controls. Remember limited memory capacity in mobile devices limits the amount of content users can download from your website.
Because the needs of mobile users will change after you design your mobile website, you will need a plan to update your site in the future. If you don’t feel up to the task, you can hire digital marketing consultants and web design consultants. They will help you integrate your website redesign with your plan for mobile digital media marketing. Through a website with mobile-friendly web content, you can build a loyal audience of mobile consumers.
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– Angela Baca