Why We Have an Elephant Mascot - Elephant Banner

Is that an elephant? Yes it is. Why would we choose an elephant as a logo for a web design company?

  • Elephants are beautiful. For hundreds of years, elephants in Kerala, India have been decorated to carry the symbol of the deity on their backs. They’ve been decorated with jewels and admired for the beauty of their tusks. We aspire to recreate the beauty of the elephant in the designs that we create for you.

  • Elephants are strong. They have no natural predators, and they can push over a tree to get to the top branches that are hard to reach. Our designs are strong too. Were not about whats hip this moment and passé tomorrow. Were focused on creating strong web designs that can adapt to the times and make as much of a splash tomorrow as they did today.

  • Elephants are flexible. Have you ever seen an elephant grasp something with its trunk? That trunk is able to pick up a blade of grass, yet an elephant can take branches from a tree. Were flexible too.  Our company adapts to the changing times. Were at the top of our game when it comes to web and logo design, and we think that you should expect nothing less.

  • Elephants are unique. Theyre able to communicate using sounds that are so low only they can hear them. This amazing thunderous rumble was only recently discovered. We want to communicate your unique identity too. We develop logos and icons for your business that describe who you are as an organization. We don’t make over what others have done already. You have a brand, and you want your logo to show who you are. We create unique logos that do just that.

  • Elephants are caring, and so are we. Elephants will grieve those they have lost, showing a display of emotion that is very special in the animal world. We care about you as well. Customer service is very important to us. We want to communicate with you so that you understand the process of creating your logo and your web site design. To make your website uniquely you, we need to care about the vision that our customers want to create. We do.

  • Elephants are revered. Theyre a symbol of wisdom in Asian cultures, and people look up to them for their legendary memories. While we can’t say that were quite up to that stature yet, we work to be a company that you trust to create the best work, always. 

We chose an elephant as the symbol of our company, and now you know why. Work with us for a while and see how the strength, beauty and caring of the elephant comes through in our work.  

As youve learned, elephants are wise. They can look at the current landscape and see what trends are likely to emerge. Here at Horton Group, we’ve compiled a list of our top marketing predictions for 2015. Make sure to check them out, so you arent caught off guard by innevitable shifts in the industry.