Setting yourself apart from the crowd isn’t easy if you label yourself Just another WordPress Website. But the good news is: You can break away from the herd — with web design help from professional web designers. The popular blogging software, WordPress, has evolved from being Just Another WordPress Blog, that famous descriptive tag that appeared by default at the top of so many WordPress weblogs. It has evolved into a website with different web design options, from the basic blog to magazine, gallery, storefront, forum and auction website.

Open source web developers have prepared a collection of new WordPress themes or basic web designs that alter the traditional blog. Expert help will from a web design firm like Horton Group will help you narrow down your web design options and customize your website design, so you can truly stand apart from the crowd.

Content management tools enable you to decide how many posts or articles you want on the front page of your WordPress website, whether you want to add photos, whether you want to include the posts on link lists on your page, whether you want to allow comments, add links, sell products from the blog, or whatever.

Web design experts can help you build and manage your website with add-ons called plug-ins that expand the abilities of your basic open source WordPress software. Add a storefront. Promote it on a page sidebar. Inv

ite guests to write more fresh content. Allow bloggers to register, or not.

There also are lots of options for monetizing your new WordPress website through advertising. Content management experts can help with custom ads as well as ads delivered through Google Adsense and others.

Dreaming big is okay. Theres probably a WordPress theme or a plug-in that will give you what you want. If not, your web design experts can use a sidebar or widget for content management. Or customize the software to suit your needs. It will only help your web design and content stand apart. The web design experts at Horton Group also will help you keep up to date and remain unique. 

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