Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the method websites use to increase their search engine ranking. SEO is one of the reasons a major company is the first result displayed when someone searches for a popular item like “buy books online.” The result is that a large number of people searching for online bookstores will likely visit one of the first few results. A high ranking on search engine results is the web equivalent to a television AD. A good implementation of SEO can help businesses reach new customers.

The Beginnings of Search Engine Optimization

Web designers began to optimize their websites for search engines in the 90’s. This enabled consumers to easily find websites and content online. First, the URL of the website was submitted by the web designer. Then search engines would send out a web crawler to extract information about the various pages of the website. The web crawler would draw main words and links from the website. These main words and links would then be placed in a schedule for “crawling” in the future.

Website designers began to realize that Search Engine Optimization was necessary to improve their ranking and visibility in various search engines. This is when the practice of SEO was born.

Implementing SEO Today

It is difficult to implement search engine optimization on a website with only a home page and contact information. Whether a business sells products or services, content is the key. A business with good quality content on its website has a good chance of being ranked well. There are a few simple techniques that can enhance the optimization of the website.

Search engines index the content of all websites. Therefore, the first step towards SEO is to ensure that the right keywords are used frequently and in the appropriate places. For example, a website for a company involved in pest control should have keywords like “pest control, termites, household pests, household pest control, or bug extermination,” sprinkled throughout their web page. The website will then be more likely to rank at the top of search engine results when someone searches for “pest control.”

Search Engine Ranking

Customers are a priority in any business. All content needs to be formatted to reach customers. It is important to understand that it is not just the website of a business that is indexed by search engines. All content in the web is indexed, including blogs and forums. How could this be utilized? A lot of web users are active on forums. Many look to forums and blogs for information and advice. When a business joins these online communities, they increase their online presence. Writing regular blogs is another way to improve ranking. Answering individual questions on forums is an effective way to increase brand awareness. It helps to have links to the website from forum answers and blog posts. All of this optimized content in different places will lead to a higher search engine ranking.

SEO is Necessary in Every Field

It is a common misconception that SEO is only necessary for certain fields. On the contrary, SEO is essential in virtually every field. Implementing SEO helps companies stay competitive within their market. It also helps companies introduce their brand to potential customers.

Small businesses may feel that unless they can afford an entire Information Technology team, then Search Engine Optimization is not practical. In reality, the management of SEO can be easily overseen during a marketing campaign. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from optimizing their website. There are a variety of services that can help businesses inexpensively set up a Search Engine Optimization Marketing Campaign. SEO is a cost effective form of marketing that brings real results.

SEO Can Make Your Business More Profitable

Businesses always strive to be profitable. Search Engine Optimization can boost sales by increasing the traffic flow to the company website. Keep in mind that SEO is not only effective for product-based sites. Search Engine Optimization also increases the profitability of service-based sites.

SEO Saves Money

SEO is not an expensive marketing method only used by major corporations. SEO is inexpensive and very effective. A company could spend their marketing dollars buying online ad spots and joining a host of other marketing campaigns. However, if they utilize SEO, companies can increase their customer base and develop an inexpensive marketing campaign that will increase marketability.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density is a crucial aspect of Search Engine Optimization. It helps search engines determine whether or not a web page is relevant to a phrase or word that was typed into a search engine. Keyword Density is calculated when the total amount of words on a page is compared to the percentage of times a phrase or keyword is found. Search engines also weigh a variety of other factors when it comes to site rankings. For small businesses handling their own SEO marketing campaign, Keyword Density is an important factor to keep in mind. For businesses that decide to hire an outside service to take care of their company’s internet marketing, it is important to confirm that Keyword Density will be an important consideration during the SEO portion of the campaign.

Keep SEO Campaigns Focused

SEO keeps marketing campaigns focused. Focused campaigns allow companies to target potential customers. Unlike ads on radio and television, websites that are Search Engine Optimized reach specific audiences searching for a product or service. One of the best aspects of focused campaigns is that the content on the website remains there day and night. It is never replaced or followed by another advertisement. As a technique for an internet marketing campaign, SEO content works for a business 24/7.

If the content available on a website is not generating the necessary results, it may be worthwhile to have an SEO consultant analyze the content. A consultant can modify existing content, tweak the meta data for the website, and identify the appropriate keywords to use within the website. With the right input, your website’s page rankings are bound to improve.

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