Web design is often best left to the professionals but the website owner is an instrumental participant and ultimately should decide on the look, feel and functionality of the website design. Here are basic, but important steps website owners can take to secure the success of their web design project, and their business.

Choosing the Right Domain Named

A domain name is an identifying label and is used for naming and addressing goals. Choosing your domain is the first, and most critical step in building your website. Work with your web developers to choose the most effective domain name for you and your business. It is essential to find a balance between a domain name that describes you and your business, one that clearly explains what your website will be about, and a domain name that is user friendly. For example, if your business is called Kathy’s Country Crafts then an appropriate domain would be www.KathysCountryCrafts.com. A poor idea for a domain name would be www.Kathy-Makes-Beautiful-And-Handmade-Country-Crafts.com because it is cumbersome to type, and difficult to remember. Work with your web design company to decide on the most effective domain name for your website. Popular domain registrars include GoDaddy and Register.com.

Creative Web Design

Web design for your website is an exciting part of the web development process, and it’s important to work with a professional web designer. A professional web designer who can effectively translate your ideas into a highly functioning website, or a logo design that will look great on your website, as well as business cards and other print materials. Communication is important to consider in the web design for your new website. Let your web designer know your thoughts and ideas, and allow then to express their expertise and opinions as well. The challenge in visual branding is not to try and look like your competitors, but to look unique and no one knows this better than an professional web designer.

How will your brand stand out in a sea of sameness? Working closely with a creative web designer will allow you to develop an effective visual identity that is appropriate for your business and magnetic to your target audience.? When creating the web design for your website, it is important to create harmony between images and text on your web pages. If your website’s primary goal is to showcase your products and services, then a striking slideshow may do this best. On the other hand, if your website is to promote ideas and abundance of text is highly appropriate, but be sure to add images to your website design for an eye catching effect.

Domain Registration versus Web Hosting

Domain registration occurs when you purchase the rights to your domain. Once your website has been designed and developed you need to choose a web hosting company. The web hosting company, simply put, holds your website. Horton Group’s web developers in Nashville use a shared IP, in which we hold many websites on one server. Your web developer can help you upload your website’s files, import your database and point your name servers. Pointing name servers tells your domain where your website lives. Your web hosting company will give you the name servers where they put your site and your web development company can help you give this information to your domain registry, so they know where to send people that type in your domain into their internet browser. Once your name servers are pointed your website will take 24-48 hours to be visible to internet surfers across the globe!