Effective marketing is more than just a catchy slogan or a slick looking billboard. You’re not trying to trick someone into doing business with your company. 

Truly effective marketing is a service — it connects a person with a need to a means of fulfilling that need.

This is why inbound marketing is truly the wave of the future. The basic idea is that you create content that appeals to your target market. This way, they will organically find your services by intentional internet searches.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is simply a means of getting your name to the top of these internet searches. But the idea isn’t to get to the top of just any search — it gets you to the top of relevant searches.

And for Murfreesboro businesses, this is essential to finding a local market. SEO is a great way to get your message in front of people in Murfreesboro in need of your service. Even more than that, it opens you up to a global market.

Here’s how SEO can help you better connect with customer in Murfreesboro and beyond:

Most People Find Services By Internet Searches

The constant availability of the internet has changed the way we look for products or services. The majority of people carry smartphones everywhere they go, which means they aren’t more than a few clicks away from researching a product.

In fact, 81% of people find a source for their products or services by searching for them online. SEO works to get your services to the top of these searches.

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Strong Content Builds Trust

And what are these visitors going to find once they get to your website? A strong inbound marketing strategy will make use of SEO to get a visitor to your website, and strong content to convince them to stay.

Interesting and relevant content provides a free service to your visitor at the same time as displaying your knowledge on the subject. It positions you as an eminent source within the industry.

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Targeting Murfreesboro Increases Engagement

A proper SEO strategy will take your local market into account. A Murfreesboro business, for instance, should target their local Murfreesboro customers. This isn’t to say that it excludes customers from other regions, but local support is valuable to a business.

For instance, if you sell pizzas, it would be very beneficial to be at the top of a “pizza place near me” search by someone from Murfreesboro.

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Increased Internet Presence Means You’re More Visible

If you think about the internet like the lottery, creating more content is the same thing as buying multiple lottery tickets. Your chance of success grows with each additional ticket.

However, SEO isn’t luck. It’s a strategic effort to connect you with interested individuals. More SEO-driven content simply gives these individuals more chances to discover your products and services.

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SEO Is Less Expensive Than Traditional Advertising

SEO is a specialized method that grows stronger over time. Traditional marketing refers to tactics such as television or radio commercials and billboards. These marketing efforts will often come with a very large price tag without the benefit of knowing your audience will see them.

SEO tactics targeting your local Murfreesboro market will not only save you money up front, it will also provide more tangible benefits.

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Attracting Better Traffic Means More Conversions

This idea of attracting the right traffic can be measured in a few different ways. The best metric, however, will simply be the amount of conversions you see coming through your website. Are you making more sales? Are people entering your website from search engines and visiting multiple pages?

Tricking a person to visit your website isn’t likely to create a sale. But attracting someone who is predisposed to an interest in your service will give you a much  better chance at converting them into a customer.

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Research Helps You Better Understand Your Industry 

There are multiple tracking tools that can show you how a visitor found your website and what they did while they were there. You can also see what keywords are being targeted by your competitors and how successful they are at this.

This information helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors as well as customer habits. You can use this information to inform your own SEO efforts as well as your customer interactions in general.

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Murfreesboro SEO Continues Providing Benefits

All of these benefits will continue as long as your website is in operation. SEO doesn’t have an expiration date. All of your efforts will compound on top of each other to create an increasingly effective marketing strategy.

Are you ready to use SEO to connect with your local Murfreesboro customers as well as other markets across the world? Horton Group proudly serves the Murfreesboro areas with SEO services and more.

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