It is a fact of life that at some point everybody must pass away. However, this is no consolation to those left behind, particularly where a dear friend or much loved family member has gone prematurely; often the grief and pain can seem too much to bear. There is no quick way to feel better or bypass the trauma, but there are strategies we can adopt as part of the process of grieving that can comfort and heal us.

The Stages of Grieving
The process of grieving is a long and arduous journey. There are a number of distinct yet overlapping stages that we will all go through to a greater or lesser extent. This process is completely normal and is the way our mind and body help to heal the rift of our loss. Some of the feelings you might experience while grieving include:

The raw pain we experience at the time of the death is something that many people cope with by simply blocking out the fact their loved one has gone.

As we start to accept the truth we can become angry at the reality of the loss.

The anger starts to wane but this is often replaced by overwhelming sadness and a sense of great loss.

The final stage of the healing process is coming to terms with the loss. The pain may well remain but once we accept the truth, it is possible to start to move forward with our own life whilst cherishing the memories of our lost one.

Easing the Pain of Grief
Although passing through these stages is all a part of grief, there are ways that we can make the journey a more positive experience. Creating a memorial to your loved one can help provide a focus for you in a difficult and emotionally overwhelming time. It is also a way of cherishing your memories and the life that they lived.

Memorials are not only for the next of kin to create but can be created by anyone who feels the loss. Often, the effort a friend puts into the memorial can provide enormous comfort to relatives who are not yet able to accomplish the task. Creating a memorial is a practical and healing way of accepting your loss and celebrating what you shared with the departed.

Memories on the Web:
A Modern Approach to Recording & Storing Memories Years ago, memorials could be made by collecting treasured items in a box or creating a scrapbook. However, online memorials are a new way of creating a personal, touching and enduring tribute. Creating the online memorial can be a huge comfort as it allows you to process the grief and express your feelings. It is also a great way to share your thoughts, memories and sentiments with close friends and family members.

By creating an online memorial, you can obtain contributions including photos and tributes from friends and family around the world. It allows everyone who is touched by grief at the loss to express their feelings with shared thoughts and comments. This ability to create a network of grieving can support you in your own process of coming to terms with the loss – you really are not alone.

Online Memorials: An Everlasting Tribute
The online memorial will remain an everlasting tribute to that special person. It can be updated and modified over time, as well as on birthdays, holidays or anniversaries. Sometimes, grief can creep up on you when you think it has passed; an online memorial can provide solace during these dark moments, a light to remind you of the happy times.