Horton Group developers utilize Drupal to address the needs for mobile optimized websites. There are Drupal modules for automating the detection of mobile devices as well as Drupal themes with font sizes and page dimensions suited for the constraints of smaller screened mobile devices (see Drupal.org).
The biggest difference in a mobile device’s web interface compared to a Laptop or computer is its screen size. Compared to laptops and more recently, iPads and Android touch screen devices, mobile devices have much smaller screens. A web development team within the Drupal community has created the fusion mobile theme. Just like its father, fusion, the mobile version has plenty of room for custom design, but out of the box is a generic theme with sizing for mobile devices in mind.
Horton Group’s Drupal coders are able to easily determine what type of machine is browsing a website using Drupal’s mobile tools. Mobile tools detects the client’s browser type and can use the information to redirect the web client to an interface that is best suited for their needs, and deliver a pages content with either a laptop theme of Fusion, or a mobile devices theme like ‘mobile fusion’.
Beyond the simple tools though, a few rules should be adhered to in the design and construction of mobile interfaces for websites;
  • Build a mobile homepage that fits on a single screen. Unlike web pages for laptops, mobile users have a single hand free most of the time, and are best served with a simple menu of options that doesn’t have extra clutter on its screen.
  • Pictures are big files, and often times mobile devices are served with limited bandwidth compared to laptops. Size pictures accordingly with the screen size and use them judiciously.
  • The orientation of a mobile device is easily changed. Content menus are best served in the vertical orientation, and delivered content, could be best accommodated either way. Choose an orientation that accommodates your content dimensions (Pictures, Google Maps) and don’t fuss about its appearance in the opposite orientation. As stated above, the user will be able to easily adjust the content to the proper screen orientation
With fantastic tools from the Drupal archive of modules and themes, paired with a smart eye for content arrangement on screens, Horton Group is able to design, develop and deliver your websites to any smart phones and laptops alike, in a web design layout that looks great to the user. Call Horton Group at 615=292-8642 to discuss your mobile web development needs and questions.