Video networking communities like YouTube are steadily growing in popularity as a means of finding out information, not just as entertainment channels. Shrewd internet marketers have realized that posting engaging, informative, and entertaining videos online is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a website, or make viewers remember a particular brand. By following a few simple rules, you can make sure your videos are an effective and valuable addition to your marketing strategy.

While hosting a video on a relevant page of your website is important, you need to think about publishing it in other places. Why not post it in your marketing emails, on YouTube, on your blog, and on other video networking sites? Internet services like or will even distribute your video to multiple sites on your behalf, which will save you time and should ultimately result in more traffic and more leads.

Most people don’t have the time or the patience to watch long videos online. Studies have shown that viewer attention plummets after around 90 seconds, so you need to engage the viewer quickly. Explain exactly how the video is going to help them in the first 10 seconds. If you don’t, they may click away. Show them how your product solves a problem, or how your service fulfills their needs, and make it fun and engaging.

As well as making the video short and to the point, tell people in advance that the video is short and sweet. Once they know that it isn’t going to take up too much of their time, they’re much more likely to watch it. A simple caption on the video such as “Watch this 90-second demonstration” will encourage more people to click “play.”

The title of the video is crucial for a number of reasons. As well as optimizing the content for search engines by using relevant keywords, it’s often the first thing that people see before they decide whether to watch your video. In the title, explain in a nutshell how the viewer will benefit from seeing the video. Or ask a question that will rouse curiosity.

Ensuring you have the correct lighting is one simple technique to make your video look more appealing and professional, which should help retain more viewers. When filming indoors, use bright lamps aimed directly at your face if you’re presenting. Attention to such details can make a big difference to the overall quality of your video.

Videos are more likely to be shared by viewers if they’re funny. As long as it doesn’t detract attention from the actual product or service too much, humor can be a powerful force in video marketing. Always brainstorm with a team and test videos on colleagues and friends before they go live. Listen to their feedback, and if necessary you must reshoot or edit the video accordingly.

It’s essential to include a call to action within the actual video. At the end of your video, tell people exactly what you want them to do. Perhaps you want people to visit your website, leave a comment on your blog, share the video, or simply make a purchase. As well as vocalizing the call to action in your video, repeat it in the end credits to reinforce your message.

To attract more quality traffic, you must include the relevant primary keywords in the title of the video, in the script, and in the description of the video. On YouTube, there is already a description box for you to insert powerful keywords that should drive more quality traffic to your video.

There are countless ways to present your company, products, and services using video. Always try to brainstorm with key members of your marketing team before their creation, and test different videos to see which ones perform better for your business. With services like Google Analytics, you can track which videos are receiving more hits, and where the traffic is coming from. Experimenting with different approaches on different platforms will improve your success rate over time.

Increase your chances of appearing on the first page of Google’s results pages by consistently posting quality videos online. If you don’t, your competition will. It’s one of the most powerful forms of marketing today, and if done correctly, video marketing can certainly improve your brand’s online presence and increase sales in the long run.

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