Make Your Medical Website Work For You

Every health care professional can reap significant benefits from their website. With the right elements in place, a medical website can reduce your staff’s workload, educate and support existing patients, and attract new business. When building or revamping your website, think about which benefits are most important to you, then consider how to maximize those benefits.

Reduce Your Staff’s Workload

A frequently asked questions page, often called an FAQ, reduces the time your staff members must spend answering basic questions. Ask your staff what the most common questions are, then answer them on your website. Don’t forget to include basic information such as your office hours and directions to your practice.

Adding an appointment request or contact form can be a key timesaver. This allows patients to request an appointment, ask a question, or convey information to their health care professional at any time of day or night. Your staff members can prioritize and attend to these requests at their convenience.

To help your patients and your staff save time, make your patient forms available on your website. Ask patients to download and complete the forms, and to bring them to their appointment. This way, instead of scribbling in a waiting room, patients can complete their medical history and other forms in the comfort and privacy of their own home. They can take their time and make sure the information they provide is thorough and accurate.

   Support and Educate Your Patients

If you regularly treat the same condition, include a medical FAQ and articles specifically about that condition. Your patients will greatly appreciate you offering resources that give them the tools to educate themselves. Include links to other online resources that you trust and think will be helpful to your patients. In doing so, you guide them to online medical information that is reliable and genuinely useful.

A website also gives you a platform where you can address current health care news and fads. Want to warn your patients about the potential dangers of a new dietary supplement? Your website is a great place to do it. Is there a new treatment or drug that you think would benefit your patients? Let them know all the details on your website. Most importantly, don’t forget to let your patients know about your site. Add your website address to all of your literature and train your employees to direct patients there for information.

   Attract New Patients

People today use the Internet more than ever to research products and services. Your website may be what tilts someone’s decision in your favor. Having a website these days is expected; having a website that is actually helpful is impressive and appreciated. A quality website helps convince people that yours is a professional, trustworthy practice.

Make your website work for you and it can help your staff, your patients, and your bottom line. It will attract new business and help your practice grow. If used effectively, your website can be an invaluable tool for any health care professional.