Ecommerce web design helps to provide your information in a way that engages your visitor. These websites are built with a specific goal in mind. You want people to visit your website, easily find the product they want, and proceed to purchase it. There are many things a website can do to make this easier for the customer.

However, these considerations can have benefits for more than one type of industry. In fact, ecommerce web design can create websites that are beneficial to a variety of industries including attorneys.

There might not seem like a lot of overlap between a website for an attorney and a website for a jewelry company, but there is. Both industries stand to gain a lot from working with an ecommerce web design company in Nashville like Horton Group.

Here’s how an attorney’s website can be improved with ecommerce web design tactics.

Intuitive Navigation

A major goal of online retailers is for their guests to easily find whatever they need on the website. This is also very advantageous to attorneys. There are a variety of reasons for a person to visit an attorney’s website. And each of these reasons will come with its own set of questions and information.

An intuitive navigation bar that is easy to find will provide everything they need to access the information relating to their situation. This provides a few benefits. First, it allows them to find quick answers to their questions. Second, it allows the attorney to quickly prove their expertise in that particular area of law. And third, it gives the visitor the ability to contact the attorney as soon as they feel their needs can be addressed.


Search Functionality

Search functionality is huge for online retailers. They probably have a long list of products. It can be difficult to scroll through page after page of offerings before the customer finally finds what they are looking for. Searching for the product provides a much quicker and easier means of finding what they want.

This can also benefit an attorney. As we said above, there are a variety of reasons for a person to visit an attorney’s website. Giving the visitor the ability to search will show them any pages relating to their query as well as any applicable blog posts or news items. This is a great way to quickly establish your expertise.

Provide Various Calls to Action

A call to action is a quick prompt with a direct goal. They are used to incite immediate action in a visitor. A sales website might include a phrase such as “Check out our fourth of July collection today!” This communicates a need, creates immediacy, and provides a clear path to follow.

Calls to action are used all over the internet. Attorneys can use them to build upon the likely immediacy of need for their visitors. Someone researching the services of an attorney most likely has an issue to resolve. Specifically-designed calls to action can help convince this person to make the jump into contacting an attorney instead of simply browsing a website.

Website Responsiveness

People use a variety of devices to browse the internet. Computers, tablets, and phones all have differently-sized screens. Does your website look good on all of them? This is a huge consideration for ecommerce websites. Every angle needs to be covered in order to avoid alienating a visitor. A person is much less likely to investigate a website if the images block out text or they need to do a large amount of scrolling in order to view the entire page.

Ecommerce web design places a huge importance on the website’s ability to adapt to these various screens. This is known as responsiveness. And an attorney can benefit from making their website available to everyone just as much as an online store. 

Using the Sales Funnel

The goal of ecommerce is to turn a person with a need into a customer. The sales funnel is frequently used to describe the path this person takes to get there. And while it’s made with an ecommerce website in mind, the process works for those in need of legal help as well. lists the sales funnel as having four major steps: Awareness, interest, decision, and action. 


Your customer already has a need, so you should let them know of your ability to fulfill that need. Ecommerce web design can help an attorney to attract the attention of people in need.


An attractive website will draw this visitor in. And the intuitive design will keep them involved as they learn more.


You’ve had the ability to prove yourself as the visitor has dug more into your website. They’ve found the applicable information and have decided that you are the attorney to best help them.


A call to action sets the process in motion. An ecommerce website will aim for a sale in this stage, but an attorney will set up a consultation and take it from there.

But even though the final result is different, the path to get there is very similar. Ecommerce web design helps guide a visitor through the various aspects of researching a solution to their needs. Will you be positioned to address these needs as they arise?