Drupal for search engine optimization (SEO) works very well for several reasons. Drupal allows your business to cover all the essential aspects of search engine optimization such as the title tag, Meta keyword generations, Meta description generators, URL structure, and the output of search engine friendly code. Talk to Google? Yes, Drupal will, plus Bing, Yahoo, MSN and more.

This is one of the many reasons that Horton Group in Nashville uses Drupal for most web development projects. Perhaps the most important on page factor of search engine optimization is choosing keyword rich title tags. Drupal allows you to change your title tag for each individual page, a search engine optimization tactic that must not be overlooked.

Drupal also has Meta keyword and Meta description modules built into the content management system. This is ideal because you are given the capability of changing the keywords and description tags for each page published on your website.

Unlike other content management systems, Drupal allows you complete control of the URL structure of any page. Creating short, clean, and informative paths will improve your rankings among the major search engines. This factor alone is one of the main reasons as to why Drupal is terrific for search engine optimization and wins out over other content management systems.


Generating clean code that will be easy for search engine spiders to crawl is a must when it comes to search engine optimization. Drupal generates extremely clean code that is search engine friendly and is well known for passing validation guidelines using validator.w3.org.

All in all Drupal is one of the best content management systems for SEO because it allows you all of the essential functions to succeed at search engine optimization and to help get your website the search engine rankings you are aiming. Hello Google, this is Drupal calling!