Does Your Company Need a Business Blog

You hold a special relationship with your clients. You are the expert on the products and services you offer. You fill a certain set of needs every day, and consequently, you have learned a lot through your experience.

Now put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Do they want to work with amateurs or experts? Experts, of course. So in what ways are you signalling to them that you are the expert company to go to, rather than someone else?

This is what blogs are all about.

You don’t have to cultivate a celebrity presence in the blogosphere for a company blog to pay dividends. How do they accomplish this?

How a Blog can Benefit Your Business

  • Build credibility. Because blog posts speak from experience and offer advice, they put you in a position of authority. Whether a reader wants to take the advice you give or not doesn’t really matter in this respect. There is an understanding that your company has produced a considered opinion on issues that come up in your industry, and you speak in the interest of helping the reader. This in itself is great publicity.
  • Increase visibility. People on the web find blogs in all sorts of ways, but one of the most important to your business is search engines. Having a company blog that is full of hot words related to your industry vastly increases the chances that someone googling those words will find your post, which means they also find your company.
  • Develop Thought Leadership. By weighing in with your professional perspective on problems and questions that commonly arise in your field, you are able to offer readers a service. Even though a blog post is information you are providing free of any charge, the reader is able to take something away from your company that they can use to improve their lives. This is effectively a transaction, and it increases the likelihood that they will return to your company when they are in need of your services. This is because your blog has already proven your value.  

Every element of a marketing strategy is meant to serve a dual purpose: it gets your name out there and it gets people interested. If it isn’t doing that for you, then it isn’t worth your time and money. The fact is, a well-written blog does both of these things in spades. If you have a professional perspective to offer, then your company is missing an opportunity by not regularly publishing thoughtful, helpful blog posts.

Ready to start a blog? Here are some business blogging tips to get you going.

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