Advantages of Website Responsiveness Part II

Content is King in the Digital Marketplace

The digital marketplace is chock full of publicity-driven initiatives which go all out in attempting to grab your attention. And the easiest way to get attention, according to them, is to optimize, optimize, optimize! And what web users get in the end is keyword stuffed content that lacks quality.

However, online marketing experts believe that getting top rankings on search engines is not the only way to ensure success in digital marketing initiatives. Yes, you may entice a few visitors, but fleetingly. What you need to concentrate on is the quality of content provided. If you wish to have great success in the digital marketplace, content is indeed king.

Content, Engagement and Credibility

Bombarded with digital marketing and remarketing, online users have understandably developed skepticism towards companies who post SEO-centric web pages aiming to be nothing other than sales pitches. There is nothing credible about these pages. But by offering good or even great content, you gain a credibility which is rare in the digital marketplace. When the material you post on your web page serves real purposes, people begin to consider you a source of trusted information. A paid advertising drive simply cannot give you this kind of reputation.

Content which engages guests and drives visits is highly beneficial for the business. A stellar example is the blog page floated by PlayStation. It invites gamers to provide votes on ideas floated for improving the products created by PlayStation. Because of this meaningful exchange of information, there is simply no limit to the number of guests the gaming solutions provider can attract to its site.

Content and Brand Building Exercises

A brand is nothing but a generalized perception of a product — a promise that is made to customers or consumers. And in the virtual world, perception is everything. The biggest companies avidly publish the best content and for good reason. When the content becomes a part of your product, it strengthens a perception and fulfills a promise. And this phenomenon is not restricted to B2C companies alone. B2B companies have also benefitted from branding through content.

Content and Lead Generation

A study conducted by the B2B magazine in 2012 revealed that content marketers with good-sized budgets are focused on making use of content marketing for boosting lead generation. Among the companies surveyed, 28% stated that generating more leads was their sole content marketing goal. Another 62% also confessed that they valued enhanced web traffic more than anything else.

It is clear that when there is a well-placed and equally well worded call to action embedded within your content, it sends people to the landing page where they exchange information such as contact details. This, in turn, gives them access to content that is more exclusive in nature and leads to greater involvement with the website.