6 Keys to a Successful Landing Page

A landing page acts to convert visitors into leads, but just how do you get those visitors to convert? Use these six tips to ensure your landing pages persuade visitors to download your offer and give you the information you’re seeking for a qualified lead.

1. Create a Compelling Headline

Your headline must grab your audience’s attention. Some essential components to great landing page headlines include clearly explained benefits, concise language, and keywords for SEO. You can find some helpful headline starters from this article by Copyblogger.

2. Optimize Your UX

You have your visitor’s attention for a short amount of time, so

  • Include bulleted lists so that your Landing page is easily scannable
  • Have whitespace to make your page more easily readable
  • Emphasize key points with bold lettering, italics and other forms of emphasis for your keywords and key points
  • Explain your offer’s most significant benefits
  • Give a clear cut picture of what your audience can expect to receive.  

3. Eliminate Navigation Options

The purpose of a landing page is to convert a visitor into a lead. Therefore, have nothing on your landing page that would drive the visitor away from that page.

Always remove all navigation menus and options, and never incorporate links that will lead visitors away from your landing page. Take away all distractions, and keep your visitor’s mind on one simple goal – collecting your offer.

4. Apply an Appropriate Number of Form Fields

The true answer to this question is – it depends.  It depends on your marketing goals, the quality of your offer, and the type of lead you wish to acquire.

The length of your form should reflect the quality of your content.  A smaller content offer might only require a name and an email; whereas, a larger content offer like an ebook or whitepaper could require more information like job role, company name, and phone number.

And keep in mind that the types of questions you use on your form are important as well. Ask yourself two questions:

  1. What information would my buyer persona be willing to give in exchange for this content piece?
  2. What information do I want from my leads?

5. Insert a Relevant Image

People love attractive visual content. They all place a huge focus on images. Place a high quality image on your landing page to heighten your conversion rate. If it’s an eBook, display the cover. If it’s a webinar, include a picture of the host. Just be sure the picture you use is eye-catching.

6. Include Social Sharing Icons

Give people the opportunity to share your magnificent offers by attaching social media sharing icons to your landing page. This allows for your engaged followers to easily share your content, which can increase your reach to new networks and groups

By using these six tips, you will boost the performance of your landing page and generate more leads. Want to learn more about creating a robust content marketing strategy? Click here to get more Landing Page Optimization Tips.