4 Tips for a Strong Email Marketing Campaign - Illustration

Email Marketing is a fast and efficient way to reach a client list of any size. Before beginning any marketing campaign you should set some goals for the campaign. For example your campaign goal may be lead generation for a new service. In this case email marketing can be an effective resource for this goal.

There are many proven methods in conducting an effective email marketing campaign. Here are four strategies to reference in planning a campaign that is poised for success.

1. It’s all about the list. When using a cloud marketing service, such as Constant Contact, an inferior list can block a company from the service completely. False or “generated” contacts will be reported as SPAM and will damage the reputation of the IP address. To create a list, start by asking current customers to opt-in to the email.

2. Call to Action. Include a strong call to action. Also send your newsletter to contacts who have the authority to make decisions about the call to action in your newsletter.  

3. Quality over Quantity. A list of 200,000 contacts is not effective if it does not reach the right contacts. A high bounce rate hurts a newsletter and makes for bad analytics. Work to establish a high quality list that has close to a 100% reach.

4. Evaluate. Take the time to test and evaluate the message that is being sent out every month. Making sure content is current and on topic is crucial in the effectiveness of the campaign.

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