Elephants are social and emotional creatures, with the biggest brains in the animal kingdom. In many ways, elephants resemble humans. They have a 60 to 80 years life expectancy, they can remember things that happened decades ago, they hug, they use body language to communicate, and they are very attached to their families. In Asian cultures, elephants symbolize wisdom, while in other cultures they are considered a sign of good luck. Given their lovable character, it’s no wonder that elephants are portrayed like gentle and reliable creatures in children books, cartoons and movies.

Here are some fun facts about these wonderful animals:

  • elephants are the biggest terrestrial animals; they have the biggest brain and the longest nose
  • elephants use their big noses (called trunks) to smell, carry, shower, scratch and hug
  • elephants are highly intelligent animals and they can learn an unlimited number of commands
  • if you play with a baby elephant, seven years later he will still remember you
  • elephants are constantly hungry; they spend up to 20 hours a day eating
  • elephants get four or five hours of sleep every day, while laying down
  • a female elephant will carry her baby for 22 months before giving birth; that’s another record in the animal kingdom
  • even though they have huge ears, elephants mainly use them for ventilation
  • because their eyesight is quite poor, elephants use their feet to detect movement and signals from other elephants
  • elephants communicate through body language and through sounds
  • elephants purr, just like cats do
  • elephants have very thick skin, but still get sunburn
  • in spite of their size, elephants have excellent balance; there’s basically nothing that can sweep them off their feet
  • elephants are very attached to their herd; it is quite common for them to visit the graves of elephants in their family who passed away

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