Elephants have long been associated with strength, wisdom, intelligence and loyalty, and it is these qualities that make this magnificent animal the perfect mascot for any company. A good mascot should make a company stand out from the crowd and ensure that no one forgets its name. It is also important to remember that a company mascot should speak to its audience, and its values should closely match those of the company.

Consider the following points carefully:

1. Size elephants are the largest land mammals in the world, and an adult African elephant can reach a height of around 13 feet (396 cm) and weigh over 15 pounds (7 kg). An elephant can therefore be used to represent the size, or potential size, of your company.

2. Memory elephants have large brains and excellent memories, and they are known to be capable of recognizing people they havent seen for a long time. An elephant mascot can be used to demonstrate the fact that your company will always remember to put the customer first.

3. Dexterity an elephants trunk is extremely dexterous and contains no bones. They are able to pick up very small objects with the end of their trunks, such as a single blade of grass or a small berry. The trunk is also used for smelling, grasping and caressing, and can lift up to 600 pounds (272.1 kg). An elephant can be used to demonstrate a companys attention to detail.

4. Protection– elephants live in herds and are very protective of their young. The herd is generally led by the oldest female elephant. An elephant can be used as a mascot to inform customers that your company will always protect their interests.

5. Team work– humans have been working with elephants for many years and have always managed to strike up a good relationship with them. An elephant is therefore a good symbol of team work.

6. Speed elephants seldom rush anywhere and generally travel at around 4mph. There may be a tendency to rush everything these days, but a good company will never send anything out until it has been thoroughly checked.

7. Listening skills elephants have very large ears and excellent hearing. The large ears of the elephant can be used to demonstrate your companys good listening skills, making the elephant the perfect company mascot.

8. Longevity elephants can live up to 80 years. An elephant mascot will hopefully demonstrate the fact that your company is going to be around for a very long time.

9. Endurance elephants can sleep standing up and do so for around 4 to 5 hours a night. An elephant can be used to demonstrate endurance skills, and can assure customers that you will keep working on their design until it is complete.

10. Good luck the elephant is considered to be a symbol of good luck, fertility and loyalty. Every company needs a good luck mascot these days to ensure their success.

When choosing an elephant mascot for your company, remember that it is important to consider the color of the elephant. You may also want to think about placing a logo inside your mascot to draw more attention to it. Some companies feel that choosing a name for their mascot and making it come to life on the screen helps to make the character more appealing to their customers. You must study the overall appearance of your mascot to ensure that it conveys the right image for your company.