Top 5 Marketing Predictions for 2015 - Crystal Ball Banner Image

Marketing and technology are constantly evolving. This is undeniable. Just as fashion trends of 2014 are going to be different from 2015, the way we market things will be changing and growing as well.

So, you ask, what marketing predictions are the experts at Horton Group making this year?

1. Content Will Become Even More Important

As the Huffington Post states, Just as [Search Engine Optimization] continues to be important in driving website traffic and advertising revenue, sites often remain the end game of social media return on investment (ROI) strategies. By replacing business jargon with natural consumer language found within social media, we can target blogs, video and other rich media.

Great content will make it easier for potential, and even existing, customers to find the best products and services (already part of their search) they are already searching for through various marketing channels.

2. Mobile-First Will Be Ever Increasing

The year 2014 was the first time people used their phones to access the Internet more than any other device. We believe this will only accelerate in 2015. In our increasingly mobile-driven society, businesses need to take note and utilize mobile to their advantage. Every business that fails to optimize for mobile will be left behind.

3. Marketers Will Hyper-Target Audiences

In 2015, we see marketing becoming even more data-driven and hyper-targeted. All design, advertising and social media will focus on driving measurable results using cutting-edge tracking and predictive analytics.

The CEO of GetApp stated, Only 10% of online visitors find what they are looking for when interacting with online content. Savvy digital marketers will be able to match traffic with business attributes, identify segments they want to grow and serve them with a very targeted message. This will make everything easier to track, which leads us to our next point

4. Analytics Usage Rates Will Skyrocket

Tracking the productivity of your posts and web pages will be essential in 2015. If you don’t know what marketing tactics are working and not working for your company, how do you know if you are properly allocating your marketing budget?

Its becoming increasingly important to track successes and failures as new marketing platforms and strategies continue to emerge. If used wisely, traceable marketing leads to better results.

5. Marketing Channels Will Be Even More Connected

Content, SEO and social media outlets will all become increasingly interconnected in 2015. They will shift from being separate entities to a whole.

Companies will be able to track the buying process from the time the consumer first views the product or service to the time they buy, including all of the in-between stages of searching the company and product on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media. This interconnection will allow traceable results.

At Horton Group, we are excited to see what opportunities the new year holds. What are your marketing predictions for 2015?