Increasing your website’s visibility with keywords and meta tags

Building your website with Drupal adds a few distinct advantages for improving search engine ranking when editing and creating content on your website. One of these benefits is the ability to add keywords and meta tags to each of your website’s content entries.

Keywords can be strategically placed throughout the teaser and body text of your content in order to fully make use of Drupal’s search engine website mapping. Whenever you create new content on your website Drupal automatically submits the new (or updated) article, and all of its links, to all the major search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN among others. By placing keywords such as “Web Design” or “Quality Service” in your content and adding important markers, like a bold format, you can increase your search rankings when those keywords are entered into search engines.

You also have the ability to create custom “Meta Descriptions” and “Meta Tags” which can also increase search engine ranking. Meta descriptions are short teasers of your content, these should be kept to one or two sentences and highlight the key points and keywords of your content. Meta tags are simply the keywords you would like associated with this article in a list form, for instance you could enter all the bold or keyword phrases, separated by commas, from the content as Meta Tags – Example: web design, search engine optimization, keywords – this would be considered a line of meta tags. This ensures that Google and other major search engines index and document your newly created content correctly and efficiently, it also gives you the advantage of entering the same keyword for an article at least three times, once in the body, once in the meta description and once in the meta tag.

So if there are certain Google searches you would like your website to appear higher in the search rankings for, write an article about the specific subject, and don’t forget to add the target keywords you would like to target in the body text, meta description and meta tags.

Following these simple rules on multiple articles on the same subject can drastically improve the search rank of your website when a user types one of your keywords in a search engine. For more ideas about search engine optimization (SEO) call the Horton Group at 615-292-8642.