Logo design is very personal, company owners want a brand that is symbolic and carries some personality of the founders. We are often asked about our elephant logo. Why the elephant? Let’s discuss this, and perhaps relate how your company can pick a symbol in a logo design process.

The elephant is an elusive creature that has forever fascinated humankind. Because of this, humans have attached all kinds of symbolism to our huge animal friend. From the image of wisdom and understanding, to the symbol for memory, it’s clear that humans have lots of love for the mighty elephant. We chose the elephant as the mascot for our Nashville web design company for many reasons. Sometimes truth is stranger than symbolism, and there are many interesting facts about the symbolic elephant most people don’t think realize.

Despite their immense size that can seem ominous to us humans, elephants are quite personable creatures. They are very intelligent and emotional! They always make sure to care for their families, and it’s not unusual for them to show emotional support for distressed loved ones. They can also be observed grieving the loss of their young or other members of their herd. You’ve probably heard that elephants have great memories, and this is absolutely true. Elephants can even remember old friends, who they greet warmly upon their return. There’s no doubting that elephants have a lot of care for the members of their fellow species, much like web designers and their clients. We strive to understand your situation and meet your needs.

When looking at one of these magnificent animals, you may refrain from using the term “graceful” as a description. However, they are actually quite dexterous and excel at fine motor skills-related tasks. Of course, elephants may not have opposable thumbs to work with, but they make great use of their trunks. Their trunks are used for just about everything. From plucking fine blades of grass, to bathing themselves, the trunk is an elephant’s main tool. Contrary to popular belief, elephants do not use their trunks to drink through like straws, but as a tool to deposit water directly into their mouths. An elephant’s trunk dexterity is much like a web designer’s ability to fine-tune their work to their client’s desired outcome.

While elephants definitely have a noble, wise nature about them, they are also very playful. Elephants love to play, whether it’s by themselves or in a group. Playing around isn’t limited to the youngsters, either. Even elephant elders love to join in. They will trumpet while running and chasing one another, showing their distinct personalities in the process. Web designers share the love of having fun with elephants. It may be a job, but it’s also a passion. We love what we do and we’re not afraid to add our own personal touches to the work we create.

Regality, wisdom, and agreeability are all things we relate to the image of an elephant. While these may be accurate, there are even more great things about this wonderful animal which can be directly related to the nature of web design. Understanding, skill, and passion are all things that both the elephant and a web designer have in common. Much like our elephant mascot, we hope that you will remember us.