Lean MEAN Custom Apps from Horton Group

Horton Group, a Nashville based web marketing agency, has made the shift to the MEAN software stack to develop custom websites and mobile apps.  A software stack is a set of specialized computer programming languages, tools and libraries that are put together to build applications.  The MEAN software stack consists of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.JS.

The world of web and app development is moving towards asynchronous solutions, says Christopher Schaub, Technical Lead at Horton Group, our clients want modern designs and functionality. MEAN helps us deliver that.

Traditional web navigation requires a user to move from page-to-page to gain information.  However, modern websites such as Facebook are pulling information from various sources in the form of news feeds, notifications and chat boxes to create a more efficient and dynamic web experience.  Hortons Custom Shop is building websites and apps with this asynchronous functionality to deliver cutting edge software solutions.

In addition to modern aesthetic and functionality, Horton Group is using MEAN to develop highly advanced apps in a fraction of the time it took with previous generation software tools. The MEAN software stack combined with Apache Cordova is compatible with both Apple and Android, allowing Horton Group to develop one mobile app supported by both operating systems.

Horton Group is a web marketing agency located in Nashville, TN. The agency provides an expansive selection of digital marketing solutions, from inbound marketing to website development. Horton Group has worked with clients in various industries, including nationally recognized brands.