Hypedrive, a newly updated app that tracks entertainment release dates, is now available in iTunes and Google Play. Hypedrive LLC approached Horton Group, a leading app development agency in Nashville, TN, to design and create the mobile application.

Horton Groups talented app development team leveraged the latest technology to bring Hypedrive to life.

“App development has gone hybrid with a mix of next generation tools like Cordova, jQueryMobile, and HTML5,” says Christopher Schaub, the technical lead at Horton Group. “Horton’s hybrid approach to app development allows us to write the application once and deploy it for both the iOS and Android platforms simultaneously. This allows us to bring the app to the market even faster than our competitors.”

Despite the complex technology behind it, Hypedrive boasts a seamless and intuitive user experience. With countless films, video games, books, television shows and comics released each day, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Hypedrive ensures users are up-to-date on their favorite entertainment products and sporting events, never missing a beat.

Users can find their favorite musicians, actors, publishers and entertainment creators and simply add them to a FUTURE list. Hypedrive then populates a timeline based on each artist included in the FUTURE list and tracks upcoming release and broadcast dates of every project they’re working on.

Users receive a push notification announcing that the project is “OUT NOW!” when the release date hits. In addition, social sharing features allow users to share their excitement and anticipation with friends and family.

Hypedrive was developed by Horton Group in Nashville, TN, and is available for download in the iTunes and Google Play app stores.