You’ve launched an eCommerce store to sell to online audiences, but just one problem—they aren’t buying. Why not? Here you will learn the most common reasons visitors ditch eCommerce stores for better options and how to fix those problems to increase sales. Enjoy!

1. No Visitors

Finding it hard to attract visitors to your website? This could be because your website isn’t search engine optimized, or it could be that you aren’t promoting your content and products actively on social media and other online channels. Either way, without anyone visiting your website, the likelihood of a purchase is little to none.

2. Poor Design

Does your website lack a clear conversion path? If so, you need to implement conversion optimization best practices. This includes keeping your branding and messaging consistent throughout the entirety of the customer experience. In addition, consider A/B testing various elements of your landing pages to ensure the best possible results.

3. Undifferentiated Product

Do you offer a product buyers can easily find somewhere else? Try focusing your messaging on what makes your product stand out. In addition,  ensure your product images and descriptions are accurate and up-to-date.

A professional copywriter can make a huge difference in ensuring your product descriptions engage potential buyers. Make sure to A/B test product landing pages to determine which elements may be helping or hurting conversions.

4. Unclear Shipping Options

Are your shipping options and costs laid out clearly and accurately from the get go? If visitors discover high shipping costs at checkout, they will likely abandon their cart. Consider offering free shipping options for purchases above a certain amount. This often leads to increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

5. Lack of Trust

Does your website lack trust? There are several ways you can enhance the trustworthiness of your website. Here’s just a few:

  • Include a link to your privacy policy
  • Add security logos to your footer or checkout sidebar
  • Display a list of payment methods
  • Feature testimonials
  • Publish useful content and become a trusted resource in your industry

Unless your buyers trust you, they won’t buy from you.

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