Take a close look at your company’s website design. Does your website reflect where your company is today? If not, do not hesitate to get it redesigned, re-tooled, lest your business gets pushed aside online because your website design appears shabby and outdated. Call now, Horton Group will consult with you about the important ways you can bring your website up-to-date.

Keeping your website looking fresh and moving forward is a vital part of online marketing. Millions of shoppers buy online every day. The Internet has evolved into one of the most vibrant forms of commerce. A top-notch website is a key advertising cornerstone today and the low cost of getting started online makes it a very attractive marketing investment. With hundreds of thousands of merchants competing online every day, you cannot afford to let an outdated website speak for your business.

Behind the scenes of today’s competitive online marketplace web developers work around the clock developing new features and multi-media applications for ecommerce websites. Today’s savvy consumers stay on the edge expect to have the most advanced features on websites they do business with. Online shoppers expect the most up-to-date security, communication, and navigation features to facilitate their shopping experience and if your business is not ready to provide it they will go elsewhere.

With all the technology advances that are happening on a daily basis, if your website is more than two years old it is likely out of step. Now is the time to take a close look at your website’s features, message and design to study how your company can move back to the edge. Every year your website should receive care and attention, a bit of a face lift. Any website untouched for over two years is in need of a significant overhaul.

Making sure your web designers have the skills to provide the latest designs and web applications necessary to properly re-tool your website. Get the best professional help to move your website forward. Websites can cost hundreds of dollars a year to maintain. It doesn’t make sense to try to save a few dollars getting it spruced up (and risking all of the money you have invested into it) by letting your neighbor’s kid take a crack at it.

Another element that is constantly changing is the protocol governing the art and science of marketing through search engine optimization (SEO.) This sounds like a simple concept, but your competitors are utilizing some very complex systems and applications. The guidelines are continuously evolving. Meanwhile the search engines are developing more precise algorithms and rules to control manipulation. If you are not aware of the rules behind the new changes you could violate today’s search engine guidelines. Employing manipulation techniques could ensure that your website will be penalized or even taken off the indexes completely. When this happens you lose enormous amounts of traffic which you may never be able to earn back.

Speed is essential in redesigning your website. For every week down you could be losing hundreds of hits. Get your website up to speed, in compliance, and get it done fast to ensure a healthy financial future for your online business.